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Australia by Rail

by: Colin Taylor


Updated information

Thank you to the readers who sent in updates including Michael Taylor. The information has not yet been checked by Trailblazer but it will be for the next edition.


January 2013

p126  Sydney City and Suburban Rail Services map  Wollstonecraft is the correct spelling.



Except where new prices are given in these notes, it should be assumed that all fares, hotel costs and other charges quoted in the Guide have increased.


Throughout the book

The remodelled Spencer St station in Melbourne has been renamed Southern Cross.


pp22-4  Rail Travel Centres and Booking Offices
Some of the addresses and telephone numbers on pp22-23 have changed and local directories should be consulted where difficulties are encountered. The information on railway information and reservation websites on p24 is correct except for the following:
Queensland Rail: is the only website needed.
V/Line passenger (trains and coaches): is the current website.


p28  The Austrail Flexipass.
The Austrail Flexipass was discontinued as from 31 March 2009. From 1 April a new Austrailpass has been introduced for overseas visitors. Valid for six months from first use, it covers services offered by Great Southern Rail, NSW Countrylink (including coaches but not Cityrail) and Queensland Traveltrains excluding North Queensland tourist trains (Kuranda Scenic Railway, Savannahlander and Gulflander). QR Citytrains are not covered except when used to connect to or from a booked Traveltrain journey. The cost is $890 with 10% discount if purchased outside Australia.


pp29-32  Other passes.
The GSR Pass – now renamed the Rail Explorer Pass  Current price for adults is $690 (overseas visitors only).
Countrylink Backtracker Pass  Prices now range from $232 for 14 days to $420 for six months' travel.
East Coast Discovery Pass  Prices now range from $130 (Sydney–Melbourne or vv) to $500.50 (Melbourne-Cairns or v.v.)
The V/line Victoria Pass and Queensland's Sunshine Rail Pass are no longer available, nor is any pass currently offered in Western Australia.


p37  The Indian Pacific
From the end of April 2009 the Wednesday departure from Sydney to Perth (Thursday from Adelaide) and the Sunday departure from Perth (Tuesday from Adelaide) to Sydney, will run only in the first week of May and from 18th August (Adelaide to Sydney) to the end of the first week of December (6th December from Perth to Adelaide only).


p40  The Ghan timetable (C 9034)
The 2009 timetable (from February) summarized, is as follows.
Adelaide to Darwin
Adelaide Sunday 12.20, Port Augusta 16.45, d 17.00, Alice Springs Mon 13.45, d 18.00, Katherine Tue 09.00, d 13.00, Darwin 17.30.
Adelaide Wednesday 12.20*, Port Augusta 17.00, d 17.50, Alice Springs Thur 13.45, d 18.00, Katherine Fri 09.00, d 14.30, Darwin 18.30.
Darwin to Adelaide
Darwin Wednesday 10.00, Katherine 13.40, d 18.20, Alice Springs Thur 09.10, d 12.45, Port Augusta Fri 07.00 d 07.20, Adelaide 13.10.
Darwin Sat 09.00*, Katherine 12.40, d 16.45, Alice Springs Sun 11.15, d 15.15, Port Augusta Mon 07.15, d 07.35, Adelaide 13.10.

Notes: d = depart *Departures from Adelaide and Darwin marked with an asterisk apply only to trains leaving Adelaide from 20 May to 18 November inclusive and Darwin on Saturdays 23 May to 21 November inclusive.


p41  Accommodation [ie for The Ghan]
A recent introduction is a new Platinum Service on The Ghan. Details from the GSR website ( Platinum Service sounds to Gold Kangaroo as the traditional 'Pullman' of Europe was to normal 'First Class'.

p42  The Great South Pacific Express no longer operates, although some of its carriages are preserved at the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich, Queensland.

p43  The Overland  This is now a thrice-weekly daytime service in each direction, without sleeper accommodation, leaving Adelaide at 07.40 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Melbourne at 08.05 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 08.40 Saturdays. These changed times affect connections with The Ghan, the Indian Pacific and the Melbourne–Sydney XPTs.

p44  The Ozback Explorer  This bold and unique innovation has been unfortunately discontinued through no fault of its creators.

pp45/46  Melbourne XPTs  The Melbourne XPTs now leave Sydney at 07.45 and 20.40, and Melbourne at 08.30 and 19.55.

p46  Brisbane XPT  Departure time from Sydney is now 16.30 and the journey time 14h 10m northbound, 14h 25m southbound.

p46  Murwillumbah XPT  This train was re-named the Casino XPT after the Casino–Lismore–Murwillumbah section of its route was replaced by a bus service. Sydney and Casino departure times are unchanged.

p47  Grafton XPT Journey times are now 10h 25mm northbound and just under 10h southbound.

p47/48  Xplorers. The combined Armidale and Moree Explorer leaving Sydney at 10.05 returns from Armidale at 08.50 and from Moree at 08.10, but the latter will be replaced by a bus between Werris Creek and Moree from 14 Sept to 14 Oct, 2009. The Griffith Xplorer now departs Sydney at 06.58, while the Canberra Xplorer still has a complicated timetable as follows (C 9021):
Daily except Sunday: dep Sydney 06.58 arr Canberra 11.21, dep 06.37, arr Sydney 10.55.
Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun: dep Sydney 18.15, arr Canberra 22.31, dep 12.05 (10m earlier on Sunday), arr Sydney 16.24.
Tues, Thur, Sat & Sun: dep Sydney 12.10, arr Canberra 16.29, dep 17.05, arr Sydney 21.25.

pp49-51  Sunlander and QR Tilt Trains  Following problems at some level crossings, there have been changes to the Tilt Train and other services on QR's North Coast Line as follows.

p49/50  The Sunlander (C 9010) The Sunlander departs Brisbane for Cairns at 08.55 on Tuesday and Sunday and at 13.25 on Thursday. Return time is 09.15 from Cairns on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Economy fare $212.30. Queenslander class is available only on the Thursday and Sunday departures from Brisbane, Tuesday and Saturday from Cairns at an inclusive Brisbane–Cairns fare of A$761.20.

p51  The Cairns Tilt Train  This now runs only twice weekly, departing Brisbane at 18.25 Monday and Friday, returning from Cairns at 09.15 Wednesday and Sunday, arr 09.10 Thursday and Monday. Times at some intermediate stations have been altered. The fare is now A$310.20 each way ('business class' only).

p51  The Rockhampton Tilt train  Journey time is 7 hrs 25 mins. The additional service from Bundaberg departs at 05.15. Fares (Brisbane–Rockhampton or vv) are $104.50 economy and $154 business class.

p51  The Spirit of the Outback  The Saturday departure from Brisbane has been re-scheduled and leaves over five hours earlier at 13.10 to reach Longreach at 13.00 on Sunday. The Tuesday departure time is unchanged but return departures from Longreach are at 07.15 on Mondays and Thursdays, with journey times virtually unaltered. Fares and other charges are increased, 1st class with berth being $374, economy seat $183.70 or with berth $242. Accompanied cars cost $249.

p52  The Inlander  Departure time from Townsville is now 12.40 and from Mount Isa 13.30. Fares are now $280.28 1st class, $123.20 economy seat or $181.50 with berth.

p52  The Westlander  Departure from Brisbane now at 19.15 from Platform 10. Economy fare $181.50, 1st class with berth $244.20.

p53 (grey box)  There are currently no trains on the Yaraka branch or between Hughenden and Winton.

p53  The Savannahlander  Latest information is that the Austrail Flexipass is no longer honoured on this train.

pp53-6  Victoria  All fares are increased and there have been changes in ticketing arrangements. New diesel units, named Velocity, now serve most intercity routes but there have been many track improvements over the last few years and still continuing. Buses are currently replacing trains on the north line between Seymour and Albury. The Mildura train service has still not been restored but Echuca now enjoys a daily service and other centres still enjoy rail connection, although almost every service has been changed. 2009 timings are given in Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable as follows, but travellers should check locally with V/line:
The Northerner and Bendigo, Swan Hill and Echuca services. (C 9031)
Shepparton Intercity (formerly Goulburn Valley Limited) (C 9026)
Gippslander and other Trarangon and Bairnsdale services. (C 9030)
Albury service (formerly Twin City Ltd). (C 9029) – but see note above.
Warrnambool (Westcoaster and other trains) (C 9028)

p57  Western Australia  The Prospector covers the Perth–Kalgoorlie and vv run in just over six hours and the morning departure from East Perth is at 07.15 daily except Sunday. (C 9037).

p61  Table 1  Substantial changes to the schedules and days of running of The Ghan and Indian Pacific render this table totally out-of-date. For connections between Perth and Darwin see the updates to page 40 (Ghan summary timetable) and pp116-19 (Intercapital connections).

p63  Table 2: The basic triangle
Sydney–Melbourne–Adelaide and vv (C 9020, 9027 & 9035)

Sydney dep 07.45 daily Melbourne arr 19.15 daily
Sydney dep 20.40 daily Melbourne arr 07.50 daily
Melbourne dep 08.30 daily Sydney arr 19.55 daily
Melbourne dep 19.55 daily Sydney arr 07.18 daily

Melbourne dep 08.05 Tu, Th, Sa Adelaide arr 17.45 Tu,Th,Sa
Adelaide dep 07.40 M, W, F Melbourne arr 18.40 M,W,F

Adelaide dep 10.00 Tu*,F Sydney arr 10.15 W*,Sa
Sydney dep 14.55 W*,Sa Adelaide arr 15.05 Th*,Su

Note * Days marked with an asterisk may not apply all year. Check
with Great Southern Rail when planning an itinerary.

pp63-73 (section headed 15-DAY ITINERARIES WITH A FLEXIPASS)
Although the Flexipass is no longer available, the table of deadlines in Appendix A can be used when any period pass is nearing its end of validity.

Although some details of the possible Flexipass itineraries suggested on pp66-73 are still applicable there have been so many significant changes to the schedules and days of running of major services like the Indian Pacific, The Ghan, The Overland, and Queensland Traveltrains in particular, mean that none of these Itineraries can be followed exactly. Nor would they need to be. The phasing out of the Flexipass itself and its replacement with the new six-month Austrailpass in practice offers more flexibility and more actual travel, provided visitors have the time to spare.
It is therefore pointless to offer detailed suggested itineraries for 15 days, 21 days or a month.
But to give some ideas, the following itinerary shows how that with the new Austrailpass it would be possible to travel all the Australian rail routes covered by this Pass in only 40 days! It is not expected that any visitor would wish to follow this itinerary exactly. Numerous variations are possible within a longer period, but it is important to remember that although some trains run on days or at times other than shown in this itinerary, others may run on the day shown.

Austrailpass all lines 40-day Itinerary based on Sydney.
NS indicates overnight stop(s) at destination stations.
No, Day Dep from
1, Fri Sydney 06.58 to Canberra 11.21 by Canberra Xplorer 1NS
2, Sat Canberra 06.37 to Goulburn 08.10 by Canberra Xplorer
Goulburn 09.45 to Griffith 15.41 by Griffith Xplorer 1NS
3, Sun Griffith 07.40 to Junee 10.11 by Griffith Xplorer
Junee 13.29 to Melbourne 19.15 by Melbourne XPT 2NS
5, Tue Melbourne 08.05 to Adelaide 17.45 by The Overland 1NS
6, Wed Adelaide 12.20 to Port Augusta 16.40 by The Ghan 1NS
7, Thu Port Augusta 23.00 to East Perth 09.10 (Sat) by The Indian Pacific 1NS
10, Sun East Perth 11.55 to Adelaide 07.20 (Tue) by The Indian Pacific 2NS
13, Wed Adelaide 12.20 to Darwin 18.39 (Fri) by The Ghan (1NS)
16, Sat Darwin 09.00 to Adelaide 13.10 (Mon) by The Ghan (2NS)
20, Wed Adelaide 10.00 to Lithgow 07.25 (Thu) by The Indian Pacific
21, Thu Lithgow 09.31 to Dubbo 13.40 by Dubbo XPT 1NS
22, Fri Dubbo 14.10 to Sydney 20.48 by Dubbo XPT 2NS
24, Sun Sydney 10.05 to Moree 19.03 by Moree Xplorer 1NS
25, Mon Moree 08.10 to Werris Creek 11.29 by Moree Xplorer
Werris Creek 15.34 to Armidale 18.20 by Armidale Xplorer 1NS
26, Tue Armidale 08.50 to Mailtand 14.13 by Armidale Xplorer
Maitland 19.05 to Brisbane 06.30 (Wed) by Brisbane XPT (1NS)
28, Thu Brisbane 19.15 to Charleville 12.00 (Fri) by Westlander
29, Fri Charleville 18.15 to Brisbane 11.15 (Sat) by Westlander
30, Sat Brisbane 13.10 to Longreach 13.00 (Sun) by Spirit of the Outback (1NS)
32, Mon Longreach 07.15 to Rockhampton 20.20 by Spirit of the Outback (1NS)
33, Tue Rockhampton 20.30 to Townsville 08.35 (Wed) by Sunlander (1NS)
35, Thu Townsville 12.40 to Mount Isa 09.35 (Fri) by Inlander
36, Fri Mount Isa 13.30 to Townsville 10.10 (Sat) by Inlander
37, Sat Townsville 12.05 to Cairns 18.20 by Cairns Tilt Train (1NS)
38, Sun Cairns 09.15 to Brisbane 09.10 (Mon) by Cairns Tilt train (1NS)
40, Tue Brisbane 07.30 to Sydney 21.54 by Brisbane Limited

The following tables and the notes on itinerary variations and side trips and should further enable travellers to work out personal itineraries, but checking with ticket agencies is imperative since all services require advance reservation.

p73  Great Southern Rail Pass (now Rail Explorer Pass)  Although Australia by Rail states that Crystal Brook and Tarcoola junction stations are unsuitable as transfer points between trains, it is not impossible that they can be so used, by special arrangement, in order to shorten the travel distance and time taken on certain journeys. Examples are in the update for the section INTERCAPITAL CONNECTIONS (p116), below.

p77  Table 3  Sydney–Broken Hill–Adelaide (C 9020)
The Wednesday Sydney–Adelaide service operates only on 6th May and from 18th August to 2nd December, 2009 and the Tuesday Adelaide–Sydney service only on 5th May and 18th August to 1st December.
Adelaide arrival time from Sydney is 15.05. The daily Broken Hill to Sydney service departs 03.45 Central Standard Time and arrives Sydney at 21.48.

p78  Between Adelaide and Melbourne  The Overland now offers daylight travel in both directions. Ararat is now once again served by V/line trains from Melbourne via Ballarat (C 9033).

p80  In first paragraph, delete reference to connections to catch the Overland.

p80  Table 4: Riverina Links (C 9027)  This table is basically still valid, except that some times have changed by a few minutes. Sydney departures are 07.45 daily via bus from Wagga, and 06.58 direct on Saturday. Griffith departures are 09.40 daily via bus to Wagga, and 07.40 direct on Sunday. Melbourne departure time is unchanged, but arrival time is 1915. Thomas Cook references are C 9027 and 9311. Timings at intermediate stations should be checked locally when booking.

p84  Outback from Rockhampton  The westbound journey is not entirely in daylight, departures from Rockhampton now being at 04.15 on Thursday and 23.20 on Saturday (C9003).

p84  Table 5: Townsville–Ingham New times (C 9010)

Trains depart Townsville 09.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays, 12.05 Tuesdays and Saturdays and 12.15 Fridays arriving Ingham 10.45, 13.50 and 14.15 respectively. From Ingham trains depart 13.40 Sundays and Wednesdays and 14.25 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays arriving Townsville 15.30 and 16.35 respectively. All trains have refreshment facilities and advance booking is recommended.

p85  Between Townsville and Cairns  A day trip to Ingham allowing two hours there is now possible only on Wednesday, not Friday.

p85  Table 6: Cairns–Tully–Cairns options. Table revised as follows (C9010)

Cairns dep 09.15 Daily except Mon and Fri, arr Gordonvale 09.45, Babinda 10.25, Innisfail 11.05, arr Tully 12.05, returning dep Tully 13.00 Mon & Wed, Innisfail 14.10, Babinda 14.55, Gordonvale 15.40, arr Cairns 16.15. Also Tully dep 15.30 Tues and Sat, Innisfail 16.30, Babinda 17.05. Gordonvale 17.45, arr Cairns 18.20 and Tully dep 16.00 Fri, Innisfail 17.10, Babinda 17.55, Gordonvale 18.40, arr Cairns 19.15.

Notes: All trains have refreshment facilities. Booking is recommended.


For those who wish to base their tour on the capital cities the following alphabetically arranged list summarises the train services between them. This section then tells you how to use the local trains and gives suggestions on what to see. This should enable visitors to devise itineraries to taste.



– A change of train is required at places named 'via' on each route.
– Where an overnight stop is required en route, the place named is followed by 'NS'. Accommodation at such stops is the responsibility of the traveler.
– Note that in Eastern summer time (October to March), times at Brisbane are an hour different and should be checked locally.

Brisbane and Canberra connections
Some connections to and from Brisbane and Canberra can be quicker using a Countrylink coach service for part of the journey. These are not all included in the following table, but the following summarises what is available.
• Brisbane–Sydney and vv  A later daily departure from Brisbane is at 15.10 via bus to Casino, dep 19.25, arr Sydney 07.08 next day, avoiding a nightstop there when travelling beyond Sydney. In the other direction dep Sydney 07.15 (after a nightstop from other capital cities) to arr Brisbane at 22.21 via bus from Casino.
• Melbourne–Canberra and vv  The day train leaving Melbourne at 08.30 has Countrylink bus connections to Canberra (Civic) at both Cootamundra and Yass Junction. The former involves a 2-1/2 hr bus journey, the latter one hour, in each case arriving at Civic before 17.30. In the other direction a bus leaving Civic at 10.05 connects with the southbound Melbourne XPT at Yass Junction to reach Melbourne at 19.15. Coaches to and from Cootamundra (not calling at Yass Junction) also serve Canberra railway station and Queenbeyan.
• Canberra connections at Goulburn  Some of these, marked * below, involve a wait of several hours, mostly in the early morning. If the ticket or pass allows, this can be shortened by continuing on, to change trains instead at Moss Vale or even Strathfield. Where a connection is made at Strathfield it is important to notify train staff where checked luggage needs to be transferred.

The Ghan service to and from Darwin and the Indian Pacific
• The Ghan departure time from Darwin of 09.00 Wednesday with return arrival 17.30 Tuesday applies all year, but the 10.00 Saturday departure time with return arrival at 18.30 Friday does not apply during April, May, December and January.
• The Saturday departure of the Indian Pacific from Sydney and the Wednesday departure from Perth apply all year but the Sydney departure on Wednesday and Perth on Sunday apply mainly only during September, October and November in 2009. For exact dates see update for p37 above.

Connections between the Indian Pacific and The Ghan.
Where an interstate journey is marked as via Crystal Brook# or Tarcoola# special arrangements must be made in advance. Transfers at either station can only be done by prior arrangement with Great Southern Railway and there may be additional Insurance or personal indemnity requirements for guests wishing to do this. Although the station at Crystal Brook is in the town centre and the trains stop there in daytime, transfers at Tarcoola involve several hours' lonely wait in the darkness of the early hours, i.e. 01.25 to 04.59 if both trains are on time.

Intercapital connection summary

From Adelaide
To Brisbane 10.00 Tuesday and Friday via Sydney, arr 06.30 two days later.
To Canberra 07.40 Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Melbourne and Goulburn*, arr 11.21 next day.
10.00 Tuesday via Sydney, arr 22.31 next day.
10.00 Friday via Sydney, arr 16.29 next day.
To Darwin 12.20 Wednesday and Sunday, arr 18.30 Friday and 17.30 Tuesday.
To Melbourne 07.40 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, arr 18.40.
To Perth 18.40 Thursday and Sunday, arr 09.10 two days later.
To Sydney 10.00 Tuesday and Friday, arr 10.15 next day.

From Brisbane
To Adelaide 07.30 Tuesday and Friday via Sydney (NS), arr 15.05 two days later.
07.30 Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday via Sydney (NS) and Melbourne (NS), arr 17.45 two days later.
To Canberra 07.30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday via Sydney (NS) arr 11.21 next day.
15.10 daily except Saturday via Strathfield, arr 11.21 next day.
To Darwin 07.30 Tuesday and Friday via Sydney (NS) and Adelaide (3 NS), arr 17.30 (18.30 Friday) seven days later.
07.30 Friday via Sydney (NS) and Crystal Brook#, arr 17.30 four days later.
To Perth 07.30 Tuesday and Friday via Sydney (NS), arr 09.10 four days later.
To Melbourne 07.30 daily via Sydney (NS), arr 19.15 next day.
To Sydney 07.30 daily, arr 21.54.

From Canberra
To Adelaide 06.37 Wednesday and Saturday via Sydney, arr 15.05 next day.
06.37 Wednesday and Saturday via Goulburn and Melbourne (NS) arr 17.45 next day.
10.05 Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Yass Junction (bus) and Melbourne (NS), arr 17.45 next day.
To Brisbane 06.37 Daily except Sunday via Sydney, arr 06.30 next day.
11.55 Sunday, 12.05 Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Strathfield, arr 06.30 next day.
17.05 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday via Sydney (NS) and Casino, then bus, arr Brisbane 22.21 next day.
To Darwin 06.37 Wednesday and Saturday via Sydney and Adelaide (3 NS), arr 17.30 (18.30 Friday) six days later.
06.37 Friday via Sydney (NS) and Crystal Brook#, arr 17.30 four days later.
10.05 Monday and Wednesday via Yass Junction (bus), Melbourne (NS), and Adelaide (NS), arr 17.30 (18.30 Friday) four days later.
To Melbourne 06.37 daily except Sunday via Goulburn, arr 19.15.
10.05 daily via Yass Junction (bus), arr 19.15.
17.05 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday via Goulburn*, arr 07.50 next day.
To Perth 06.37 Wednesday and Saturday via Sydney, arr 09.10 three days later.
To Sydney 06.37 daily except Sunday, arr 10.55.
11.55 Sunday, 12.05 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, arr 16.24 .
17.05 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, arr 21.25.

From Darwin
To Adelaide 09.00 Saturday arr 13.10 two days later.
10.00 Wednesday arr 13.10 two days later.
To Brisbane 09.00 Saturday via Adelaide (NS) and Sydney, arr 06.30 five days later.
10.00 Wednesday via Crystal Brook# and Sydney, arr 06.30 four days later or via Adelaide (4 NS) and Sydney, arr 06.30 eight days later.
to Canberra 09.00 Saturday via Adelaide (NS) and Sydney, arr 22.31 Wednesday, or via Adelaide (2 NS) Melbourne and Goulburn*, arr 11.21 Thursday.
10.00 Wednesday via Crystal Brook# and Sydney, arr 16.29 Saturday or
via Adelaide and Sydney, arr 22.31 seven days later.
To Melbourne 09.00 Saturday via Adelaide (2 NS), arr 18.40 Wednesday.
10.00 Wednesday via Adelaide (3 NS), arr 18.40 Monday.
To Perth 09.00 Saturday via Tarcoola#, arr 09.10 three days later or via Adelaide (3 NS), arr 09.10 seven days later.
10.00 Wednesday via Adelaide (2 NS), arr 09.10 six days later.
To Sydney 09.00 Saturday via Adelaide (NS), arr 10.15 Wednesday.
10.00 Wednesday via Crystal Brook#, arr 10.15 Saturday or via Adelaide (4 NS), arr 10.15 seven days later.

From Melbourne
To Adelaide 08.05 Tuesday and Thursday, arr 17.45.
0840 Saturday, arr 17.45.
To Brisbane 08.30 daily via Sydney (NS) and Casino, then bus, arr 22.21 next day.
19.55 daily via Strathfield and Casino, then bus, arr 22.21 next day.
19.55 daily via Sydney, arr 06.30 two days later.
To Canberra 08.30 daily via Yass Junction, then bus to Civic, arr 17.19, or via Cootamundra, then bus to Civic, arr 17.22 or Canberra station, arr 17.40.
08.30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday via Goulburn*, arr 22.31.
19.55 daily except Saturday via Goulburn*, arr 11.21 next day.
19.55 Saturday via Goulburn* or Sydney, arr 16.29 next day.
To Darwin 08.05 Tuesday via Adelaide (NS), arr 18.30 Friday.
08.40 Saturday via Adelaide (NS), arr 17.30 Tuesday.
To Perth 08.05 Thursday via Adelaide, arr 09.10 two days later.
08.30 Tuesday and Friday via Sydney (NS), arr 09.10 four days later.
08.40 Saturday via Adelaide (NS), arr 09.10 three days later.
To Sydney 08.30 daily, arr 19.55
19.55 daily, arr 07.18 next day.


From Perth
To Adelaide 11.55 Wednesday and Sunday, arr 07.20 two days later.
To Brisbane
11.55 Wednesday and Sunday via Sydney, arr 06.30 four days later.
To Canberra 11.55 Wednesday via Sydney, arr 16.29 three days later, or via Adelaide, Melbourne and Goulburn*, arr 11.21 three days later.
11.55 Sunday via Sydney, arr 22.31 three days later.
To Darwin 11.55 Wednesday via Adelaide (2NS), arr 17.30 six days later.
11.55 Sunday via Adelaide (NS), arr 18.30 five days later.
To Melbourne 11.55 Wednesday and Sunday via Adelaide, arr 18.40 three days later.
To Sydney 11.55 Wednesday and Sunday, arr 10.15 three days later.

From Sydney
To Adelaide 07.45 Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday via Melbourne (NS), arr 17.45 next day.
14.55 Wednesday and Saturday, arr 15.05 next day.
20.40 Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Melbourne, arr 17.45 next day.
To Brisbane 07.15 daily via Casino, then bus, arr 22.21.
16.20 daily, arr 06.30 next day.
To Canberra 06.58 daily except Sunday, arr 11.21.
12.10 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, arr 16.29.
18.15 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, arr 22.31.
To Darwin 14.55 Wednesday via Adelaide (3 NS), arr 17.30 six days later.
14.55 Saturday via Adelaide (3 NS), arr 18.30 six days later.
14.55 Saturday via Crystal Brook#, arr 17.30 three days later.
To Melbourne 07.45 daily, arr 19.15
20.40 daily, arr 07.50 next day.
To Perth 14.55 Wednesday and Saturday, arr 09.10 three days later.

p141  Deadline departures from Melbourne
The Overland is now a day train departing 08.05 for Adelaide on Tuesday and Thursday and 08.40 on Saturday.

p151  Table 11
The following revised table covers local Translink services as well as Traveltrains, i.e. long distance trains which are not covered by the Translink ticketing system. For these either separate tickets or a valid pass (Austrailpass or East Coast Discovery) is needed and advance booking is necessary. Translink services call also at Nambour and Brisbane Central.
Data for each service is arranged as follows: (1) Outbound services: departure time from Brisbane, time at Cooroy, arrival time at Gympie North, Train category. (2) Inbound services: departure time from Gympie North, time at Cooroy, arrival time at Brisbane, Train category.
N/A indicates no stop at that station. * Times so marked are 1 minute later at weekends.
All times for Brisbane in this table refer to Roma St station.

Outbound services
Tue & Sun dep 08.55, 11.30, arr 12.35 Traveltrain
Mon-Fri dep 10.58, 13.29, N/A. Translink
Daily dep 11.00, 12.58, arr 13.31. Traveltrain
Sat & Sun dep 11.11, 13.42, arr 14.19. Translink
Saturday dep 13.10, 15.36, arr 16.25. Traveltrain
Thursday dep 13.25, 16.05, arr 16.55. Traveltrain
Mon-Thu dep 17.00, 18.54, arr 19.20. Traveltrain
Fri & Sun dep 17.00, 18.54, arr 19.26. Traveltrain
Daily dep 17.40*, 19.55*, arr 20.33. Translink
Mon & Fri dep 18.25, 20.27, arr 21.02. Traveltrain
Tuesday dep 18.25, 20.46, arr 21.40. Traveltrain

Inbound services
Tue & Fri dep 03.45, 04.30, arr 07.20. Traveltrain
Saturday dep 05.55, 06.34, arr 08.44. Translink
Mon-Fri dep 06.00, 06.39, arr 08.53. Translink
Mon & Thu dep 06.32, 07.06, arr 09.10. Traveltrain
Mon-Fri dep 07.05, 07.38, arr 09.40. Traveltrain
Wed, Fri, Sun dep 11.50, 13.15, arr 15.55. Traveltrain
Daily dep 12.05, 12.38, arr 14.40. Traveltrain
Mon-Fri N/A, Cooroy dep 13.48, arr 16.00. Translink
Sunday dep 15.47, 16.26, arr 18.45. Translink
Saturday dep 21.15, 21.54, arr 00.14. Translink

p151  Deadline Departures from Brisbane  The 18.25 Tilt Train is now Monday and Friday only and the 18.25 Spirit of the Outback is Tuesday only: it now leaves 13.10 on Saturdays.
The Westlander leaves from Platform 10 at 19.15.

p156  Deadline departures from Adelaide  The Ghan now leaves for Darwin on Wednesday and Sunday at 12.20.

p161  Table 12  There have been many alterations to the services shown on this table. Cook's Tables 9037 and 9042 give most major timings but enquiry at Transperth and Transwa offices is recommended for further details.

p161  Deadline departures from Perth  The last Prospector departures for Kalgoorlie are at 14.15 Sunday, 15.15 Monday and 15.25 Friday. The morning departure, daily except Sunday, is at 07.15.

p164  Deadline departures from Canberra 
12.05 Monday, Wednesday & Friday (11.55 Sunday) for Sydney with Brisbane connection at Strathfield.
17.05 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to Goulburn (for Melbourne XPT) and Sydney.

p246  The Wellshot Hotel at Ilfracombe is now open again.

p263/4  Beaudesert Rail  This service has ceased operation, with the rolling stock being sold off due to financial and political problems.

p265  Brisbane/Cairns to Proserpine and Shute Harbour  There are numerous alterations to this table due to the altered days of running and timing of the Cairns Tilt Train and the extension of one of the Sunlanders between Townsville and Cairns. Details may be obtained from QR Traveltrain offices or the QR website.

p270  Yaraka branch and Hughenden-Winton  There are no longer trains at present on these routes.

p275  West Coast Wilderness Railway  Lunch is no longer available at Rindeena – brief stop only, but lunch is included in the fare and served from the Galley Car when the train is stopped at Double Barrill.

p277  Appendix A Flexipass Deadlines  The changed schedules of the Ghan, Overland, Sunlander and Cairns Tilt Train should not affect these deadlines substantially but travellers should check times well in advance of making bookings and it would be wise to allow one extra flexiday for the final journey back to base.

p280 Bibliography – general
Another worthwhile book is 'Down Under' by Bill Bryson, (Doubleday, 2000)



A complete update of this section of the Guide would involve many telephone calls, internet searches and even travel. Most preserved lines have depended largely on volunteers: many remain but economic circumstances have proved too much for others to survive. Enthusiasts should be able to make enquiries, locally, by telephone or otherwise, about specific services from the sources given in the Guide.

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