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Melissa Graham

Melissa Graham was born in Sunderland, in the north of England, and grew up only yards from a railway line. Along with half of County Durham, she claims to be a direct descendant of George Stephenson, the Father of Railways.

In 1988 she ventured south to read French and Spanish at Cambridge University. Subsequent travels have taken her rather further afield and have included large tracts of Europe, Southern Africa, South East Asia and North America.

Researching Trans-Canada Rail Guide she travelled from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north to Hudson Bay covering 15km by dog sled, 25km on foot, 35km by car, 45km by bus and 11,326km by rail.  The guide is now in its sixth edition.

She is also the co-author, with her husband, of The Rough Guide to Chile.

Books by Melissa Graham: