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Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook


Contents list | AMH history | Introduction | Planning | Choosing a motorcycle | Life on the road | Sample route outline (Peru and Bolivia) | Tales from the Saddle (sample)

Welcome to edition seven of the AMH, a handbook for planning, preparing and riding in the developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Out there you’re beyond the safety net of conventional motorcycle touring closer to home and so the word ’adventure’, with its associations of risk and uncertainty, is appropriate.

The adventure-motorcycling scene continues to flourish, with new bikes, tours and magazines as well as a greater range of gear and services. Social media is packed with riders’ updates of their epic journeys. But prices have also climbed so the option to adapt your own gear remains, while political instability continues to undermine routes across parts of Africa and Asia.

We’re in a golden age of global motorcycle travel, if for no other reason than it’s become a less eccentric activity and many people have shown how easy – and yet how fulfilling – it can be. You don’t need a huge bike or an array of sponsors, you just need the curiosity to ride out into the real world to see it for yourself.

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook


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