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Cornwall Coast Path (South-West Coast Path Part 2)

by: Henry Stedman & Joel Newton & Daniel McCrohan


Updated information

Thank you to those who wrote in with the following updates including Will Ainslie, Tim Lewis, Frances Trenouth, Joen Hermans, Jon Wills, Christine Evans, Lena Meyer, Andreas Niedermair, Guy De Pauw, David Mallinson, Verena & Thomas Rhyner, Philip Scriver, Chris Horn, Stephen Smith, Duncan Whitehead, Richard Oliver, Chris Layton, Iain Russell, Kim Olsen, John W Schnake, Nicky Slade, Anne Rummer. 


The information for the current edition has not yet been checked by Trailblazer but it will be for the next edition. 


7th edition




Porthleven. New bnb accommodation. 18 Penponds Road, Porthleven TR13 9LL.   Has 1 double room with a private bathroom, and provide:  Continental breakfast. Washing and drying facilities. Use of garden, kitchen, and living areas. Help with luggage transfers. One or two nights bookings. Open all year. Bookable via Airbnb. 





p179 Cape Cornwall. Feedback from a walker: "The guide says the path does not go directly to the end of Cape Cornwall. I followed the Coast Path signs yesterday, from east to west. They loop directly to the Cape: just before the road on the meadow down to St Helen's Chapel, then right up the Cape to the chimney. It was wonderful there, despite the constant rain. The signs then lead past it and down steps to the small research station at the end of the cape. From there, they lead below back towards the car park."



p184, St Just. The Brisons Café, is a new café in the same building where The Cook Book cafe was. 3-4 Cape Cornwall Street, St Just TR19 7JZ.  Tel: 01736 604846. Serves all-day breakfast, sandwiches and homemade cakes as well as the usual tea and coffee etc. They don’t have a website at the moment but there is a  FB page.



December 2022

p184, St Just. The Cook Book cafe has sadly closed and the building is up for sale. However, a new café, 

The Copper Kettle (https://www.facebook.com/pendeencaterer/)  has recently opened at 1 Bank Street. Walkers recommend it: 'excellent homemade soup and roll and fellow walker had a ‘Sunday roast’ filled sub roll, which had roast turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and cranberry sauce in and was absolutely huge, delicious and very good value. They are open Mon-Fri 9am-2.30pm, Sat to noon and also on Friday evenings.


Café Dog & Rabbit (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063642006450) just off Market Square, behind the post office.  It is particularly good at catering to dietary requirements with lots of vegetarian and vegan options. It used to only be open in the summer but is now open all year round, Tue-Sat 9am-4pm.


November 2022

p124,Trevone.  Sunny Corner B&B, Sunny Corner, Main Road, Trevone PL28 8QX. Recommended by a walker. 

pg 162, Hayle.  Philps Bakery recommended by walker - they describe as "simply cannot miss" for pasty lovers.
p161, Map 46 "The description of the walk on the Causeway just south of Hayle as "horrid" is spot on.  The "quieter route" option does avoid some of the discomfort but is not easy to find.  We were thrilled to leave B3301 at The Saltings."


July 2022

p137, p139, p140. Maps 31 & 31A.  A walker writes: "We recently walked from Newquay to Perranporth and we wanted to cross the Gannel River at low tide. Low tide was at 10.00am and we thought that we would be able to walk across from the Fern Pit cafe about 8.15am. However - the walkway only opens when the cafe opens at 9.30 - so we had to retrace our steps and go across at Penpol. Not a huge diversion I admit but maybe this could be mentioned in the book as the Fern Pit is the ‘official’ crossing point. 

p142, Holywell.  The Gull Rocks Bar is now closed on a Monday,  and has a notice stating they 'do not refill water bottles’.  The small ‘caravan’ next door serves drinks 


May 2022

p 139, Map 31. Crossing the Gannel. Tide rises very quickly (maybe close to full moon ? ) and we were told by locals that the PenPol footbridge is only crossable within 1-2 hours of low tide not 2-4 as the guide suggests.  From what we saw, the locals were probably right.  

Also there are various unmarked overgrown grassy pathways down to the Gannel which we took a chance with and were succesful getting down to the channel from one of them.  We think it's worth a mention as walkers might be searching for a marked path, we did not see one anywhere.

p143, Map 33. Ruins of St Piran's lost Oratory.  It's hard to find and unmarked... but if you find and stand next to the christian cross on a dune hill which stands out, then its a 1 minute walk down the hill toward Penhale Camp. You won't see the Oratory from the Christian Cross. 

St Piran's Old Church lies further up path along the Penhale camp next to an ancient Celtic wayside cross.  Info here:  https://www.britainexpress.com/counties/cornwall/churches/st-pirans-old-church.htm


p145 & 146, Map 34. Perranporth and Perranporth Town Plan Map. Brown's Fish 'n' Chips looks abandoned and closed for some time now. We went to 'Haddock's End' near the waterfront which did great Cod N Chips.

Best place to see the sunset is the Alcatraz Bar & Cafe on the North side of the beachfront on the 1st floor. https://alcatrazcornwall.co.uk/. Relaxed vibe with great views and an outside terrace.  

The Perranzabuloe Museum has a scrapbook with pride of place in the museum containing newspaper clippings dating back to the late 1800's.  The great grandson of the scrapbook's creator was the curator when we visited and has some great stories.  https://perranzabuloemuseum.co.uk/


April 2022

p189 Map 61 - Treeve Moor House should be shown opposite the turning to Land's End Camping (B-road to Trevescan) not 400m to the east opposite the turning to Seaview Holiday Park as shown on Map 61. 


6th edition


February 2022

Pendeen post office closed permanently on 28 January 2022.


September 2021

p163 Map 47, Lelant.  Lelands Saltings Station. Toilet is closed.

A walker recommends a detour at Lelant: 'The map suggests the road to Lelant is past the Old Quay House and near the roundabout, but it's actually at the Old Quay House - seems obvious if you walk along and cross the road at the right spot, but we took a  small diversion to get off the main road, through the RSPB reserve, and missed it (the walk through the bird sanctuary is nicer than walking along the road, and not much of a detour).'

p200 Newlyn. Swordfish Inn. A walker said they paid £60pp, an increase from £50pp in the book. Also note the website says live music at weekends. 


July 2021

Map 18, Polzeath. Tristram Caravan Park is not taking tents and it isn't known if this is COVID related or not.

Valley Caravan Park requires booking in advance.

Southwinds Camping Park is about 25 minute walk out of Polzeath but can be accessed from the path on map 16 if the path to Pentireglaze is taken and the road and a footpath is taken towards Carruan  (the footpath goes through a caravan site and a couple of fields before entering Southwinds Camping Site.) The site is flat with showers and an onsite cafe is due to open.

August 2020

p306,  map 127.  Cliff Top Café, Tregonhawke Cliff, Military road, Whitsand Bay, Millbrook, Torpoint PL10 1JH close to waypoint 286, 50 m down the path. www.clifftopcafe.co.uk, open 10-4 includes vegetarian food. Tel: 01752 822069.

Whitsand Bay Fort, Donkey Ln, Whitsand Bay, Torpoint PL10 1JZ. Offers BnB rooms and camping in the old Tregonhawke fort https://whitsandbayfort.co.uk.

p307, map 128, Wiggle. Captain Blake’s hideaway. The hut called 'Wiggle Hut' in the guide is restored as a self-catering cottage called Captain Blake’s hideaway, www.classic.co.uk/holiday-cottage/desc-4330.

p308 and 310, Cawsand. Cawsand Ferry is a summer only ferry from Cawsand beach to the Hoe or from Cremyll to the Hoe, if people want to miss out sections.  www.plymouthboattrips.co.uk/ferries/cawsand-ferry.


July 2019

p109 Port Quin. The Salt Pig is the new name of the cafe being run from the old Citroen van. Port Isaac PL29 3SU

p228 Lizard village plan.  Haelarcher Farmhouse B&B (formerly Hellarcher Farm), Penmenner road, The Lizard, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7NN.  The B&B is actually on the opposite side of the road from that shown on the village plan in the guide, it's on the west side of the road, and there's a new website address to reflect the new name: www.haelarcher.co.uk


June 2019

p108 Port Issac town plan.  Ruby Tuesday’s Cafe has changed its name to Lazy Days,

18 New road, Port Isaac PL29 3SB.


5th edition

May 2019

p197 Porthcurno to Lamorna section  I found this to be quite strenuous and challenging, evidenced by the fact that it took me 3 hours 20 minutes, rather than the 2 - 21/2 hours given by Daniel - and I am not a slow walker (but neither am I a quick one, obviously!). This was especially true of the last half mile or so into Lamorna, which a notice at its entrance, if going west, warns potential walkers is the case (and there are waymarks glued to the rocks here - worth a mention?). Perhaps its arduous nature could be mentioned in the next edition?

p205 The suggested quieter walk away from the road on the cycle trail just after Roskilly (page 205) is now the waymarked route.

p208 Penzance - Where to eat  The Taj Mahal Indian restaurant in Penzance should be included in the "where to eat" section on page 208 as it is in a class of its own!

p215 The "path between hedge and fence"after the Fire Engine Inn in Marazion was closed, with no diversion suggested, due to the "serious danger of death from falling rocks". I continued on the path anyway unscathed, and the notices saying it was closed if going the other way were much smaller/less significant. Of course this ought to have been resloved by the time you do the next edition, but these things have a habit of dragging on for ever.....

p218 There is a (concrete) pill box on the beach just before the steps up from the beach, if going east along the beach instead of on the official path (which is suggested). It would be very helpful to mention this, as the steps are otherwise not at all obvious.

p238 Map 91  The description of the descent to Porthbeer Cove in map 91 on page 238 is absolutely appropriate; to my mind it is one of the most challenging and dangerous on the entire SWCP, however there is a legitimate, approved easier alternative, which is signposted when entering Coverack (I have asked the SWCP Association if it could also be signposted at the top, where the descent at present leaves the main path, but that is another matter). This needs to be highlighted in the next edition, I feel, before someone breaks a limb or their neck on the present descent! The route at Dolor Point in Coverack (map 91 on page 238) leaves the road opposite a house called Porthvean to go right round the outside of the point, going down some 50 steps in the process, to emerge at the outside corner of the Paris Hotel.

p240  The Dean Quarry, mentioned on page 240 as possibly opening again, is still very much moribund, I am glad to report, and likely to stay that way indefinitely I believe. In map 93 on page 241, the Path at Godrevy Cove no longer goes onto the beach, but goes along the back of the beach to the bridge already shown. And the path from here up to the private houses at Chynhale is a bit of a climb, worthy of an arrow I think??

p244  I arrived in Gillan Harbour at about 9.30 but could see no one on either side of the creek who might be the "enterprising boatman" mentioned on page 244 who would be willing to take walkers across the creek, at a price (perhaps he doesn't work on Sundays?). So I had to take the long way round by walking to the end of the creek then back up the other side. This all seemed straightforward until I got into the field just beyond Dolton House (map 95 refers), at which point all waymarks and signposts disappeared, and the written instructions about looking for ladders etc made no sense at all as I did not know where to look for them. After blundering about in the field for 10 minutes or so, and even ringing the doorbell at a nearby house (no one was at home), I gave up and just followed the road instead, which worked fine. I have told the SWCP Association about the complete lack of signage at this point, so hopefully it will be corrected before too long.

There was also another diversion at Men-Aver Point due to the closure of a footpath, which took me some way inland and then doubled back on itself on a path which shared half its length with a stream. I suspect that this diversion has become permanent.

p257  The route from Pendennis Point in map 100 on page 257 is now on a path to the east of the road (to its right, looking at the map), rather than to its left as is illustrated at the moment.


April 2019

Map 31, Map of Newquay's southern end.   There is a dashed line to indicate the coast path just south of the beach. The indicated path jiggers a little to the right as it leaves the beach. the name of the road is Pentire Crescent.  It's important to realise that Pentire Crescent is a long road, occupying a full semi-circle south of Esplanade Road.  See Google Maps for a helpful view.
Map 47, Map of Lelant. 
The map shows two railway lines, running in large part parallel to each other.  The easternmost of these two lines doesn't exist.  Also the railway station and teashop at Lelant (not to be confused with "Lelant Saltings") actually are on  the remaining line.
Map 48. 
The path through Carbis Bay seems to disappear entirely and so beware of getting lost as one walker reported. 

p197 and 200,  Maps 65, 66 & 67,  Boscawen Point to Penzer Point.  One walker reported 'the path between these points is really grim, and one cannot simply stride out - walking is a matter of constantly climbing over boulders up, boulders down, boulders across.  There is a notice at Lamorna if you are heading south on the path that warns anyone the path is "extremely arduous" as well as slippery.'
p244 Gillan Creek. Sailaway St Anthony ferry Tel: 01326 231357, www.sailawaystanthony.co.uk.

October 2016

Lamorna.  Bosula House B&B, Lamorna, Trewoofe, Lamorna, Penzance TR19 7AH is close to the footpath. Tel: 01736 810 970.


p115, Map 18. Seaways B&B is up the main road, righthand fork, not the left fork as indicated on the map.

p244 Helford. Helford Ferry doesn't run for up to 2 hours either side of low spring tides.

p260 St Mawes. St Mawes - Place Ferry doesn't run for an hour either side of low spring tides.

p271 West and East Portholland. Cafe at Porthluney Cove now has a terrace with sea views and makes a lovely stop.

A reader commented the timings in the book can be optimistic, eg adding 20-30%. e.g. St Ives - Zennor, page 173, took the reader 3.5 hours (estimate up to 2.5). Also the Portloe - Gorran Haven estimate of 2 - 3 hours for 9 miles is short, particularly East Portholland - Dodman Point their estimate is 2 hours.

September 2016

p206 Penzance. Penlee House Gallery & Museum is no longer free for all on Saturdays. The gallery is free from Mondays to Saturdays for Penzance residents with a Penzance Pass, Art Fund members and Friends of Penlee House. For everyone else, the usual admission charges apply.

June 2016

p120 Padstow. South Quay Bed & Breakfast, also known as Cullinan`s Bed & Breakfast. Please note update of prices which will stand for 2017: the Harbour Suite £ 90 for the double room with breakfast, £80 for 3 nights or more. Room 2 is £75 per night or £60 for single occupancy.  


Updates relating to the 4th (previous) edition

November 2015

p144. Carden Cottage. The website address is now invalid. Looks like this has been turned into a holiday-let cottage instead of a B&B.


September 2015.

Verena and Thomas from Austria sent the following updates:

p204 Mousehole.  B&B Renovelle, the owner is selling her house and moving away in the autumn so no more B&B.

p205 Mousehole. Cornish Range Seafood. The chef has closed the restaurant and now teaches young cooks.

p131 Porthcothan.  Old Mc Donlads farm B&B. It’s uphill and away from the path but run by an absolutely lovely, helpful couple. Big rooms, free ride to the Pub in the evening, excellent breakfast. There is a bus up from the beach that stops right in front of it: 00441841540829.

p221 Porthleven. The laundrette has closed down and there is no substitute.

p254 Mawnan Smith. Is inland from the path and there is nowhere to stay but there is a *great* (and pricey) hotel right at the path: The Meudon Hotel. Its garden starts at Bream Cove and goes all the way up to the house and their lovely, friendly staff who know all about local history. They also serve lunch and dinner in their conservatory overlooking the garden and the sea.

p256 Swanpool Reserve/Falmouth. Some people found the path is not well posted by the Swanpool Reserve/Falmouth and missed their way.

p256 Falmouth. Star & Garter at 52 High Street has re-opened as a restaurant. It’s innovative, interesting and definitely not average pub food.


August 2015

p. 111, Port Isaac The Hathaway is no longer a guesthouse.


June 2015

p244 Porthallow. Gallen-Treath Guest House, Porthallow, St Keverne, Nr Helston, Cornwall TR12 6PL. Tel: 01326 280400. Most welcoming, large guests lounge, and close to the Five Pilchards. The owners, Clive & Alicia Mundy arrange a quiz at the local as well. www.gallen-treath.com.

The village also has an art gallery, a cafe and a village hall.  The beach is dog friendly all year and there are public toilets which are open all year

page 94 Crackington Haven. Trevigue B&B, Crackington Haven, Bude, Cornwall EX23 0LQ. www.trevigue.com     Tel: 01840 230492.  It's on the path 1.5 miles from Crackington Haven towards Boscastle. Also offers dinner.



2 March 2015

p273 East Portholland.  Pebbles Café and Crafts shop, Post Office, East Portholland, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6NA. It's on the coast path only 20 feet from the beach with wonderful sea views.   Tel:  01872 501036.  Is the only place in Portholland between Caerhays and Portloe to sell hot/cold drinks, cakes, snacks, Cornish pasties, ice-creams etc.  Open daily all year round and sells a range of locally made Cornish crafts.  Customers can warm up in the cosy, quirky café next to the wood burning stove in winter. 


27 October 2014

p246. Helford. Helford Ferry running times in September are 0930hrs to 1700hrs.


30th September 2014

p58 Portloe. Bus 551 does not serve Portloe anymore, it operates directly between Tregony and Veryan. Cornwall Council have arranged a replacement connecting service from Portloe.
p219 Praa Sands. Higher Pentreath Campsite is just above 'The Old Farm'. 'The Old Farm' closes for winter (different dates for campers and caravans).
p221 Porthleven has a quite central campsite: 'Mill Lane Campsite', which is part of the 'Out of the Blue Pub'; it's basic, but the neat thing is that you have direct access to a pub.
'Penrose Campsite' is open only in the summer.
'Henry's Campsite' has also some laundry facilities
p239 Coverack. "The Lifeboat House" in Coverack is only opened seasonally and was not open in September.
p241. The Wave Cafe, Coverack,  is now The Fat Makrele Restaurant.
Elizabeth's Pasties, Coverack, is a take-away pasty shop, and you have to ring the bell at the door. There are also 3 chairs and a table (if I recall correctly) - so you can even have a seat.
p244 Gillian Creek. The stepstones, to cross when low tide, are currently swept away and are not accessible. Nevertheless, one can wade through, even though I was a bit scared of the weever fish.
p248 Map 96a. One walker's feedback was Gear Farm was well worth the walk but he recommended the road route.  The next day he tried to get back to Helford and used a taxi from Telstar (01326 221 007) who he recommended.
p256 Falmouth. Mountain Warehouse is moving down the road - to the junction of High Market and Killigrew.
p268 Portloe. The Ship Inn - one walker found it did not serve food the day he was there.
p278 Mevagissey.  There's a ferry from Mevagissey to Fowey - a nice option for people who like to shortcut the following heavy sections
p284 Charlestown. The Orange Farm Shop is only open seasonally, it was closed for winter 2014.


19 August 2014

p222 Porthleven. Tom's Granary Barn (http://cornwall-backpackers.co.uk/) is about 3 miles north of Porthleven. Tom offers pick-ups and drop-offs, a reader paid £2.50 for a drop-off, (having discovered that walking there was along the busy road).  You can camp for £5 or sleep in a dorm for £12 (showers cost £1).

p233 Lizard. Penmenner House B&B is very close to the trail with good breakfasts and rooms and recommended by a reader.

p239 Map 90. The bridge at Beagles Hole is out of use – it was swept away by a winter storm. On one reader's journey the stream was a mere trinkle that could be crossed with a small step but in rainy weather you might have to wade it.

p255 Map 98.  Rosemullion Head shortcut is next to more of a wall/hedge than a fence.

p259 Map 100. Falmouth labels "Gyllyngvase Road" as "Gyllyngvase Hill" (which is the road next to it).


21 May 2014

p273 East Portholland. Seaspray Cottage B&B, East Portholland, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 6NA. Tel: 01872 501187. They also have a self-catering log cabin that sleeps 4.

Journey's End B&B, Portholland,  is no longer operating.


24 April 2014

p275 Gorran Haven. Mermaid Cafe is on the beach and is open in summer. It sells tea/coffee, breakfasts, paninis, sandwiches, burgers and ice creams and is open later for evening meals which can be eaten on the beach.


3 February 2014

p257 Falmouth.  Information on the town as follows: The post office is no longer next door to the library, it's by the Prince of Wales pier.  Millets closed down.

p260.  Xen noodle bar has shut and been replaced by KFC.

p261.  Bistro de la Mer closed down.

Clarks now called Amanzi,
serves African food.

We don't think the Coffee Bean Diner opened but there are plenty of new coffee shops such as Espressini and Good Vibes, both on Killigrew Street

The Front pub,
opposite the Chainlocker, is recommended, winner of CAMRA awards. Also newly opened Beerwolf, a pub and bookshop in one.


12 August 2013

p179 Zennor.  Trevalgan Touring Park is only about a mile out of St. Ives, and not within strolling distance of Zennor, so the hike from St. Ives to the next campsite is rather long and heavy for a single day.

p198 Porthcurno. The general store in the village has closed. You can still buy some food at Treen Farm Campsite a little further down the path.

p222 Porthleven. Campsite - there is a campsite in Porthleven and there's a sign on the Ordnance Survey map.  It's basic, just a field with a shower block on the edge of the village but priced accordingly. It looks as though they are working on the building next to the field as an addition to the site, perhaps to extend services.

p233 Lizard.  ATMs in the village unfortunately don't accept foreign bank cards to make cash withdrawals. To do so you need to go to the Post Office in Mullion.

p239 Coverack.  There is no longer a separate post office and village shop: the post office is reduced to a counter in the village shop.


June 2013

p179  Map 51, Zennor. Trevalgan Touring Park. The phone number has changed, it is now: 01736 791892.  Also the Touring Park is no longer accessible by the farm trail. To access the site from the coastal path you need to leave via the footpath before, either at Hor Point if coming from St Ives or Carn Naun Point if coming from Zennor.


May 2013

p129 Trevone. Mordros B&B has closed.

p244 Porthallow. Fat Appples Cafe, The Old Vineyard, Porthallow, Helston TR12 6QH, at the Half Way mark (Porthallow) SWCP. Tel: number: 01326 281559.  It is a cafe, shop, gallery, has WiFi and wild camping in a beautiful quiet meadow.

9 October 2012

p329 Map 131  Plymouth  The Wall of Stars and Ingot Sculpture are marked in the wrong location.  They should be located 250m west of their present location - still on Millbay Rd, but at the large road junction.

Cornwall Coast Path (South-West Coast Path Part 2)