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Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path

Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path


Contents | Introduction | About the Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path | Practical information for the walker | Itineraries | Using this guide | Sample route guide: Knettishall Heath to Little Cressingham



The suggested itineraries in the boxes opposite, below and on p30 may also

helpful; they are based on different accommodation types – camping, hostels

and B&Bs – with each one then broken down into three alternatives according

to how quickly you  walk. These are only suggestions though; feel free to adapt

them to your needs. You will need to factor in your travelling time before and after

the walk too.

There is also a list of suggested linear day and weekend walks on pp34-5;
these cover some of the best stretches of the trail and are well served by public
transport. The public transport map and table are on pp46-8. With the aid of an
Ordnance Survey map of the area and a basic sense of direction most of these
linear walks can be extended and turned into circuits by breaking away from the
coast and looping back to your start point inland.

Once you have worked out a schedule turn to Part 4 for detailed information
on accommodation, places to eat and other services in each village and town
both on the route and close to it. In Part 4 there are also summaries of the route
to accompany the detailed trail maps.

Traditionally the Peddars Way is tackled south to north and then the Norfolk
Coast Path west to east. This way you are drawn towards the sea and then able
to explore the salt-marshes and nature reserves strung along the coast.

Some may choose to walk in the opposite direction, perhaps to get the
busier sections of the path out of the way early. The maps in Part 4 give timings
and since these are relevant in either direction the guide can easily be used in
reverse or simply for day trips.

The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path give a fairly thorough impression of
what the region has to offer. However, there are some sections and highlights
that are worth spending more time on, if you have additional days to spare.

The boat trips to Blakeney Point (see box p160) make a relaxing change to
walking and provide an excellent excursion on a day off. A trip to Scolt Head
Island (see p142) is also worth doing. If you are interested in wildlife then an
additional day or two spent exploring the salt-marshes and wildlife reserves
anywhere along the coast will not go amiss.

Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path