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Sinai - The Trekking Guide

Sinai - The Trekking Guide

When to go

Contents | Introduction | Planning your trek | When to go | Route options | Sharm el Sheikh | High Mountain Region | Sample trek: Jebel Berqa | Sinai desert trekking routes map

When to go

The big changes in altitude across the Sinai give each trekking region its own climate. The High Mountain Region is twice the height of the desert and sometimes up to 10ËšC cooler. It’s also significantly higher than Wadi Feiran and Serabit el Khadem. Whenever you visit, one region will have suitable conditions. Early spring or late autumn gives you the best of everywhere.



Mid-March to May
This is springtime and the busiest trekking season. It’s probably the prettiest time too: ephemeral flowers bloom, orchard trees come into season and wildlife becomes more active. Water levels are usually high and seasonal creeks form in some mountain wadis. Temperatures are manageable everywhere but things warm up significantly in the desert from the end of April.

June to mid-September
Temperatures are absolutely searing in the desert. It’s hard enough swinging in a hammock, let alone trekking. Some guides don’t even work their camels. This is the time for the mountains but even here, on the open trail, the heat shouldn’t be underestimated. You have to carry more water and do treks more slowly. Ramadan (see pp43-4) will also fall in this period until 2018.

Mid-September to November
Temperatures cool steadily and by late October it’s manageable in the desert again. The High Mountain Region is a good spot, with Bedouin gardens going through pretty autumnal displays. Heavy rain fell in 2012 but most autumns in the last decade have been dry and water levels low. If it’s a dry autumn, plan your water needs carefully (especially in Wadi Feiran).


December to Mid-March
This is prime time for desert trekking: temperatures are pleasant and the landscape can be enjoyed properly. It’s bitterly cold in the mountains; often sub-zero high up (sometimes with snow). Rain is more likely and creeks often form in the wadis again. The whole place has a desolate feel which might be an attraction in itself. January and February are big camel-racing months (see p45).

(Picture caption: Summit hut on Jebel)

Sinai - The Trekking Guide


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