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Hadrian's Wall Path

by: Henry Stedman


Updated information

Thank you to the readers who sent in the following updates in particular Antonio Mora-Blanco, Don Edmonson, Ken, Rich & Sophie Eames, John Nichols, Ingrid Strobl, Kornelie Oostlander-Vos, Cathy Rooke, Keith Frayn, Michael Scarlatos and his wife and their 11 year old son, David Twine and Murray Turner, Pam & Stephen Turner, Keith Dunbar, Rick and Mel Toyer, Tom Anderson, Unni Oberhofer, Jared Bond, John Hersey, Doug Whitehead, Andy Harper, Ursula Studer, Geore & Julie Home, Lisa Bates, Pete Mason and son, Steve Nagle, Connie Meng, Dr John Higgs, Pete and Sarah Marsden, Murielle Jousseau, Juliet Tese, David Bromley, Jonathan Davies, Faith Darch, Lizzy Lea, Mike Francis, Richard Heeks, Paul Eykenduyn, Christina Hayes, Peter Steward.

The information has not yet been checked by Trailblazer but it will be for the next edition.


Updates relating to the 7th edition


pp 98/99 Beaumont. Roman Wall Lodges Campsite, Monkhill Road, Beaumont, Carlisle, Cumbria CA5 6ER, is firmly closed, they even appear to have demolished the shower/communal block. 


pp 162&165 Chollerford. Riverside Campsite, Chollerford, Hexham NE46 4EW is closed.  (A walker stayed instead at The George Hotel which they said despite the comment in the guide was excellent if pricey.)





p153 - Map 18 Sycamore Gap 

On the night of 27th September 2023, this iconic 300-year-old sycamore was cut down by vandals with a chainsaw.


Crosby. Stag Inn is now open each day 12-10pm except Monday. 


Bowness on Solway. The Solway Lounge and Garrison Bistro is a place to eat  There was also a cafe called the Hunter Leisure cafe. Opposite was a small visitor centre which had a model of the Roman fort at Maia on display. All buildings in the complex  appeared to owned by the Hunter Group Ltd. 



Feedback from a walker: 

p115, Map 8, Crosby-on-Eden.  To confirm as below, The Stag Inn, Crosby, CA15 6SH is open every day except Tuesdays.  Tel: 01900 812549.   'It's a lovely place to stay and get refreshments and/or food.'


p135, Map 14, Longbyre to Gilsland. After crossing the railway line, the map is wrong. At the end of that road (not drawn), walkers should take a left turn and take after about 100 meter climb right up the hill, following the Hadrian's Wall Path signpost to Gilsland.


Feedback from a walker:

p115 Map 8.  The Stag Inn is now open 

p121 Walton. The Reading Room is open until 6pm 

p121-122 Map 11, WaltonHowgill Cottage B&B is not listed here although it is marked on Map 11.  I stayed there and hosts, food, accommodation, etc. are of really good quality. 

p125 Hare Hill, Roman inscription. If you’re there in the morning, the sun shines across the Hare Hill wall stones and you can pick out the >PP inscription; it’s at the left end of the larger part of the reconstruction and, as the book says, at about head height 

p154 Housesteads.  Entry for adults is £14 

p169 Map 22. Map says “No signpost” for the turning just before Wall, but there is a signpost – perhaps a little obscured by the road sign that’s in front of it.  

p172, Map 24. Probably too dynamic a situation to be relevant but currently the first part of the route through Stanley Plantation going West to East is on the path, and the second and longer part is via a diversion through the woods to the South 



Corbridge. Golden Lion,  Hill St, Corbridge NE45 5AA. Has ceased trading. 


The Tullie House Museum in Carlisle is now not open on Sundays.  Also entry price has changed and is £15 for an adult.  It’s well worth a visit if you’re starting the walk here.

Updates relating to the 6th edition



p113, Crosby-on-Eden and Low Crosby.  Eden Tea Rooms, Restaurant & Bar.   A reader sent feedback that whereas the guide says the Tea Rooms are 'about 10 minutes off the trail' their experience was it was more like 20 minutes or a bit more.  


31 January

p104, Carlisle. Carlisle City Hostel now charges £22/23 per dorm bed.

p124, Banks. Quarryside B&B is now closed, however the campsite is still operating under the name Camping at Banks, Newgate House, Banks, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2JH. (website:, phone: 07838225108), still £5pp/night for camping, and there is also now a Shepherds hut available to stay in (£50/night single; £55 double; £60 triple).

pp126-7, Map 13. Coombe Crag Camping, Coombe Crag Farm, The Banks, Lanercost CA8 2BU. New campsite opened just up the road.,  phone: 07969 834808), £5pp/night for camping, £3/child, £1.50/dog. 


October 2021

p.181 Wylam. Wormald House B&B telephone number is 07815 903167. There is no landline. 1d/1t/1tr all ensuite. The cost is per room. 2022 prices are £95 for a double/twin, £120 for the family room (king + single) and £75 for single occupancy.


September 2021

p42, Carlisle.  Passport stamp. You can get the Carlisle stamp at Bowness on Solway. 


August 2021

A walker sent the following: 

p92, map 2.  “Walker House” is mentioned, actually a farm. We arrived at milking time and ropes were laid across the path and tying the gates. However, we just untied and re-tied them. The farmer obviously wants the cows to walk back to the field after being milked, which is why he blocked the exit with a vehicle – again, just walk around, he isn’t being obstructive, just looking after the cows. 

p109 Rickerby Park Carlisle.  There is a very small detour to see the Henge, worth seeing, to show the diversity of rocks which occur in the valley of the River Eden.

p111 from Low Crosby the Eden Tea Rooms is 25 minutes when approaching along the road opposite St John’s church when walking from the west, but walking from the east and taking the first turn to the left to go south to the tea rooms, yes, the walk is more like 10 minutes as stated on Page 113 ! Moral of the story, if walking from the west, don’t turn right opposite the church but keep walking and turn right in Crosby by Eden. The tea rooms are worth visiting, good value, welcoming, and they didn’t mind us taking a short cut across their golf course.

p129, Gilsland. Hill on the Wall B&B. Undoubtedly the best stop we had on the wall.  As you walk into Gilsland you will see the property high up above you across on the left. However, walking in to Gilsland and then out again probably took us 50 minutes.  We were exhausted by then and the last 20 minutes up the hill to the property were excruciating.  The owner then told us there is a short cut across the fields. 

p172, East Wallhouses. Robin Hood Inn,  There is NO bus along here although a bus stop is marked. The owners of the pub say they are having to constantly disappoint walkers in the rain – it is continue walking in rain or get a taxi. 


July 2021

p86 Bowness-on-Solway.  Shepherd's huts now belong to Hunter Leisure Group Ltd, and the price per night in one of the huts is £105. They also have a bistro and restaurant.  

The King's Arms. When one walker arrived at 1.30pm on a Thursday, the pub was closed;  their website advises that during the covid-19 pandemic to ring in advance to check they're open. 

The walker bought the passport (and got it stamped) at the Hunter Leisure Group Ltd. 

p104 Carlisle.  The Sands Centre is being rebuilt therefore you can no longer get your passport stamped there. A sign tells you to go to Tullie House.   If you do not wish to wait for the opening of the museum to have your passport stamped, it is possible to do it in Birdoswald Roman Fort - in the box outside the museum, you will find both stamps

p42 Passport. Buy your passport in person where you start the path - a walker ordered the passport from Segedunum online on 8th July to be sent to Washington (in suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne) and it arrived on 20th July! Though they'd paid £3.99 for the delivery.

p171  Wellhouse Farm Camping & Caravanning Park (just before Wallhouses) no longer do tent pitches and is for caravans only. It's not just a covid thing and is permanent. 


August 2020

p137, Map 16. The location of the bridge abutment should be opposite the south east facing wall of Chesters fort on the straight section of the river ie north east of where it is currently marked on the map.(NB. This relates to the 5th editon. All the map numbers changed when the guide was rewritten west to east for the 6th edition, so what was Map 16 is now Map 22, which does have a bridge abutment marked on it.) 


July 2020

p115, Map 10, Newtown.  Snack Shed also offer an ensuite bedroom for 2.

p93,  Map 2, Easton.  Midtown Farm B&B, Easton, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 5DL. Tel:  01228 576550, mobile: 07967406937.


Updates relating to the 5th edition

Arbeia p96-98: South Shields has significantly changed (and, in 01/2020, is still changing). Metro Station has moved a few hundred yards westwards and is part of a transport interchange...

>From platform go down escalator (or lift) and exit Interchange through facing doors. Turn right and follow pedestrian area around to left; at junction of King Street and Ocean Road turn right into Ocean Road. Follow road then left into Baring St  and up hill to Arbeia.

 Arbeia continuation:

Junction of King Street an Ocean Road is kind of a crossroad - except there are no roads and no traffic - it is all pedestrianised. When heading along Ocean Road, pass MORRISONS (no longer Asda), straight over pedestrian crossing (you are now back with traffic) and follow Ocean Road to Baring Street.

September 2019

A walker sent in the following feedback:

p69 Solo walking. "You recommend to 'Avoid walking on your own if possible'.  I walked solo and met quite a number of fellow walkers who also were on their own.  The actual route and surrounds are quite safe for a solo walker in my view."

Walking the path with a dog. "In my 4 days I only saw 2 dogs accompanying walkers (they may have been day walkers).  As a dog owner I think the route is really not suitable for dogs, especially the approach to Steel Rigg, and you should emphasise that more (p. 35 - 6 refers)."

p117 Map 8, Heddon-on-the-Wall.  "The issue here are too many signs, some official and some unofficial.  I would emphasise you are simply looking to join the B6318."

p121 Map 10, Harlow Hill.  The petrol station has been closed for many years and this point of reference implies food and drink which there was none.

p121 Map 10, Harlow Hill.  Northside Farm is just off the route near to the Albermarle Barracks turning, and offers camping and wigwam accommodation which can be booked online :

p161 Map 23, Once BrewedYHA The Sill at Hadrian's Wall is now open and is a great success. "I booked online and stayed in a four person room and had a cooked breakfast which amounted to £44.  The food bar stays open each evening until 10pm:"

p187 Map 33, Newtown. Just off the route (12 mins walk) is the village of Irthington which offers accommodation and a pub which offers food and accommodation :

p207, Map 41, Burgh-by-Sands.  The Greyhound Inn is shut.

p213, Map 44, Glasson. The Highland Laddie Inn is shut.

August 2019

Some walkers from America sent the following feedback:

p216 Bowness-on-Solway. Wallsend Guest House. The tearoom closed for the day at 3pm rather than 4pm. However, even after the tearoom closed, they were still happy to serve tea and cake to their B&B guests!

p215, Map 45. A man named Roger has built something he calls the Solway Signpost in Port Carlisle, about a mile from the western end of the walk. It says 1 mile to Bowness-on-Solway and 83 miles to Wallsend on the sign, and he will put up the place you come from and its distance from Port Carlisle up on the sign for you and take your picture. He is right by "bridge over the old Port Carlisle canal" on the top right of the map.

p210 Boustead Hill. Highfield Farm. The walkers stayed here and paid £80 for each room (one twin and one double). They didn't charge us £5 to take us to the pub; instead, they made a reservation for us at the Inn at the Bush in Kirkbride, which sent a free taxi to pick us up and drop us off again after dinner.

p194-195, Map 38, p203 Map 39, Carlisle. The Carlisle floods diversion was no longer in place when we went through, and we were able to stay on the official path along the river all the way into Carlisle.

p195 Map 38, Carlisle. Shows the path through Rickerby Park a little differently from the acorn markers we saw. Coming from the west, after crossing the iron bridge into Rickerby Park, the markers had us turn left rather than right and follow the river back north and west for a bit (to the west of the war memorial) before swinging around east again on the road to rejoin where the path is marked on the map. The markings were a little confusing in this area, so maybe the line on the map was a shortcut that we missed?

p189-192, Crosby-on-Eden (Low Crosby). We stopped at The Stag Inn for lunch. When we were there, on a Thursday, they had a sign outside saying they served lunch from 12-2 and evening meals from 6-8:30.

p186-187, Map 33 Orchard House B&B. We paid £80 per room (one twin and one double) at . There was another building to the left of Orchard House in the little pull-off/driveway (not sure what to call it) where it was located, so it is not the left-most building there as shown on the map.

p176, Gilsland.  Samson Inn. We stayed here and our rooms were upstairs from the pub, not in a building next door.

p160, Once Brewed.  Twice Brewed Inn.  These walkers paid £90 per room (one twin, one double).

p138/125, Map 13, Acomb. Errington Arms is now Errington Coffee House, and they are open daily from 10am.

p116-117, Map 8, Heddon-on-the-Wall.   We didn't go into the Three Tuns, but when we passed by I saw that they had hung a sign that said "now open from 9am." Dingle Dell Tearooms is now called The Dell and is closed on Tuesdays.

p106, Map 2. It seemed to us that there was more of a switchback coming up the path after turning away from the river on the right end of Map 2 than shown by the line on the map.

p44 Virgin Trains East Coast is now London North Eastern Railway.


June 2019

p23 Brampton. Geltsdale Brewery has closed.


May 2019

p121, Map 10. The petrol station on the map no longer exists.

May 2019

p162 Once Brewed.   Winshields Farm Campsite ( ) and bunkhouse is open again. The new owner is Malcolm Hardy (tel 07968 102780) email


May 2019

p167 Haltwhistle. Bridge House B&B, Cawfields , Shield hill, Northumberland NE49 9NW.  Tel: 01434 320744

April 2019

p144 Chollerford.  The petrol station just over the bridge has now permanently closed due to lack of business.

p184 Walton. Sandysike Farm phone number has changed to 01697 507067.

Walton.  Old Vicarage B&B (located behind the church) Walton, Brampton CA8 2BH. Opened in March 2019. Tel 07948 431 031.

Old Vicarage Brewery is a microbrewery and the bar is open on Friday and Saturday nights. Tel 01697 543 002.


November 2018

p128  Corbridge. Both banks have closed. There is an ATM at the Co-op market but it is only accessible while the market is open
p144 Chollerford. The petrol station and its small shop are closed
p145 Chester's Fort. We found a stamping station inside the gift shop .
p161 Map 23. Windblown hawthorn tree overhanging wall not seen by two walkers and therefore must have blown down.


One reader sent the following: 'Your information on public transport (bus and train) and the maps with the bus stops was most important to plan the entire trail in 7 days by staying in Carlisle and Newcastle and using every day bus and/or train to get on/off the trail. Easily accessible points to get on/off the trail:
Heddon-on-the-Wall: bus 685
Chester Roman Fort: bus AD122 and bus 685 or train
Housesteads: bus AD122 and bus 685 or train
Greenhead: bus 685 on A69
Brampton: bus 685 (Newtown – Brampton: walk on road / Lanercost Priory – Brampton: nice walk along Quarry Beck and over Brampton Ridge through Ridgewood.Proposed walk no. 11 in “Walking in Hadrian’s Wall Country”
Used a “North West 7 day Megarider Gold“ Bus-Ticket for £ 28.50 (buy a paper ticket: valid for 93: Bowness-on-Solway - Carlisle; 685: Carlisle – Newcastle). “Carlisle dayrider Plus” Bus-Ticket for £ 7.30 is another interesting option.

The easily accessible points to get on/off the trail, therefore walking the entire trail by staying in Carlisle/Newcastle is possible:

p 173 Map 27. Show the 685 bus stop on A69 on the map.  

p182 Brampton – Lanercost Priory: the walk no.11 as an alternative to the walk on the road to Newtown.
p48. Bus connections to/from Carlisle and information to Bus-Tickets like “North West 7 day Megarider Gold” or “Carlisle dayrider Plus”.'

June 2017

p48  Local transport   A 1-day AD122 Rover ticket is now £12.50/9.50/6.50/26 for adult/child/student or senior/family. A 3-day ticket costs £25/13/19/52; a 7-day ticket is also available. The ticket entitles holders to a 10% discount at Chesters, Housestead, Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum.

              The AD122 Rover Ticket + is now called a Hadrian’s Frontier Ticket.



p82  Transport The Network One Day Rover now costs £7.20.

p83 Tourist information  The Virgin information desk in Central Station has maps of Newcastle and general info about the city and public transport services.

p90 Where to eat and drink  City Centre  Riley’s Fish Shack is now Barrio Comida (; Wed-Sat noon-3pm & 5.30-10pm, Sun 11am-5pm). The menu includes: tortilla chips with guacamole (£6) and a selection of tacos from £2.75, and tostadas from £4.50. You can’t buy a drink here without buying something to eat (licence restrictions). It is a great place for a quick meal.

p95   Gateshead Millenium Bridge  It is worth being in the area to see the bridge tilting (Mon 2pm, Tue and Thur noon, Wed 10.35am & noon, Fri noon & 10.10pm, Sat noon, 7.35pm & 10.15pm, Sun noon, 4.35pm & 7.35pm).


pp96-8 Arbeia  Descend to King St – it only becomes Ocean Road after the crossroads. Asda is now Morrisons and the roundabout only seemed to be a crossroads. On Baring St you only see the sign for Vespasian St (and the other Roman named places) when you get to the top of the hill.


pp96-7 The West Road

• The 39 & 40 buses go from Stand J; there is no label saying J but it is next to Stand H, which is signed!

• The sign re the college is not very large and only says Westgate College. Soccer World on the right-hand side is a better locator for where to get off. We didn’t notice the TV mast but it could still be there.

• Re the Denton Hall Turret stop, if you sit on the left-hand side in the bus you will see the sign showing the A1 intersection. When you get off the bus walk back to the remains.


p103  Segudunum  There is now a Roman Centurion statue (Sentius Tectonicus) in front of the main building at Segedenum, by the car park. You can walk down and go through a gate to join the HW path rather than having to go round the road route.


Map 1, p105  There are some public toilets on the opposite side from the metro by the roundabout shown on the map.

•  The Ship Inn was demolished in 2013 and some archeologists have found it was on the actual site of the Roman baths; these have now been excavated and some mosaic tiling put down. It is worth the short walk to go and see the site.


Map 8, p117  Dingle Dell Tearooms is great for a celebratory cup of tea and cake and the end of the first day, but it isn’t clear how to access it on the map. You need to take the path between the road you have just walked along and the children’s nursery; in effect doubling back.


Map 11, p123  We felt the path on the far side of the map, when it crosses the road, should be moved further along. We reckoned we walked along the road for about 80 metres before turning off.


Wall p142  The AD122 bus also stops here, by The Hadrian Hotel.


Map 16, p143

Chesters  It seems the passport stamping box is permanently fixed outside now; it is on the wall on the right-hand side as you face the entrance to Chesters from the road.

• There is a container with water so walkers can have a drink or refill their bottles as you turn right off the road by Walwick; contributions are appreciated and go to Tynedale Hospice at Home.


Haltwhistle, pp167-9

Where to eat and drink: The Fort is now Red Fort – it has recently been taken over by new people but the phone number is the same. The food (Indian and Bangladeshi) was very good but the service was a bit slow. Black Bull Inn now only serves food in the evening on Tuesday to Saturday. The only option at the Centre of Britain is the three-course menu; if you don’t want one course you can substitute it with a drink or coffee. Manor House Inn doesn’t do food now; however, they have a dining area where you can eat a takeaway from one of the takeaways in town as long as you have a drink from the bar.


Map 28, p175  There is a temporary diversion in Gilsland due to ‘no bridge crossing being available’. The diversion is well signed but (if walking west) you turn right when joining the road by waypoint 071 and then turn left at the junction and follow the road round passing a Cumbria sign and then House of Meg; you rejoin the official route where it leaves the road.


Birdoswald p178  The museum here is closed for renovation till Easter 2018 but the site itself is open and also the café and shop. The passport stamping box is outside; it is straight ahead as you walk up from Milecastle 49 (see Map 29).


Banks, p180  We used Brampton Cars (tel 016977-3386) for a taxi to Brampton (about £10). It seems the standard picking up point is the green where the post box and phone are. There is a bench by those so it is a convenient place to rest while waiting. Another taxi company is Air Bus 2000 (tel 016977-3735).


Crosby-on-Eden (Low Crosby), p189 and p191The Stag Inn (tel 01228-573210; food Wed-Sat noon-2pm & 6-8pm, Sun noon-3pm, bar Tue-Sun 11am-11pm) has reopened. We only had a drink there but the menu seems to be standard pub food (stag burger £8.90, fish & chips £10.95).


Map 38, p195  There is now a temporary diversion as you approach Carlisle ‘due to bridge damage’ and ‘safety concerns’ for the Iron Bridge, though the sign called it Memorial Bridge; it is being checked for 21 days from 12th June, then may also be closed for another 21 days and if not resolved by then will stay closed for about six months. The diversion is clearly shown and means following the path on the north side of the river round to Eden Bridge Garden and then go across Eden Bridge.


Carlisle, p198 Transport: Stagecoach 93/93A bus service operates a circular route: the 93A goes to Anthorn via Moorhouse and then returns to Carlisle via Bowness-on-Solway, the 93 service goes direct to Bowness, so is slightly quicker. So, if you are happy to walk (Mon-Sat) from Bowness back to Carlisle you can take the 93A at 9.10am and get to Bowness around an hour later. If you want to walk from Carlisle to Bowness and you manage to reach Bowness by 13.37 you can take the 93 bus back to Carlisle via Anthorn, or with a more relaxed day take the 17.14 back via Anthorn. The fare is £6.20.


p216   Wallsend Guest House Tearoom is now only open 2-5pm (Easter to October daily)


May 2017

p142 Wall. Airbnb in the village offers 2 bedrooms. Over the past three years they have hosted many walkers, in particular people hiking solo, who have really appreciated their stay here. The walkers baggage transfer service is available here. The Hadrian's Wall bus AD122 stop is 3 mins away.

p160 Once Brewed. One walker wrote to us "Twice Brewed Inn - was full (even so early in the season) but Andrew also owns the Red Lion at Newbrough and is willing to pick you up from Twice Brewed and take you there. We enjoyed this inn very much - great food and rooms."

p175 Map 28 Gilsland.  There is a temporary diversion here due to construction work. It is signed.

p192 Map 36 Crosby-on-Eden.  Temporary diversion in place in consequence of flooding in 2015 whilst repairs in progress.

p195 Map 38 Rickerby.  Near the folly in field someone has built a replica Hadrian's Wall in their garden!

Updates relating to the 4th edition

31 October 2016

p173 Map 28 Gilsland - p178 Map 29 Birdoswald. Temporary closure of Hadrian’s Wall Path by Cumbria County Council for works commencing Monday 31st October duration expected to be about 3 weeks. During this time you might want to consider hiring a local taxi firm to transport you between these points. Suggestions: Airbus 2000 (Brampton) 016977 3735 Diamond Private Hire (Haltwhistle) 0759 764 1222.

June 2016
Feedback from a walker as follows:

Winter flooding. Three posted detours near Carlisle as a result of flooding but only one was found necessary by this walker.

p88 Wallsend. Hadrian Lodge Hotel has closed.

p188 Crosby-on-Eden. The Stag Inn seems closed.
p184 Walton. Great public restroom next to Walton Tea Room.
p 129 Chesters.  The bridge path gate was chained & locked shut.
p124  St Oswalds Tea Room looks like is no more.

September 2015

p120. East Wallhouses. Robin Hood Inn is now open.


August 2015

From 3 Norwegians around 60 who sent in the following updates and said "Thanks for a fantastic Guidebook. Everything we needed for our walk we could find there. We walked Hadrians Wall 5 days from Newcastle to Carlisle from 7. to 12. July this Year. Already in January we booked B & B."

p112, Wylam.  Wormald House, Wylam. The first night, very friendly and nice family. They took us to a Pub called Winships with very tasty, good Food. The Breakfast was very rich.Lunch in Errington Arms was a good proposal.
p130, Humshaugh. Second night in Orchard View, large, nice rooms, good Breakfast and Sandwiches (not white Bread!) The Village was very idyllic and a good Atmosphere in the Pub.
p160 Once Brewed. Third night in Twice Brewed Inn. Very lively Atmosphere in the Pub and a nice Backyard. Much Car traffic at day time, but quiet in the Night. Also good Sandwiches.
p180 Banks. The fourth night in Quarryside, very cosy. They had ordered a table for us, and took
us to a nice Pub where we had good food. Good Breakfast, but the Sandwiches had white, soft Bread which we Norwegians don't like very much.
p196 Carlise. Fifth night in Cartref. Large room on the top floor and very good Breakfast, and service.

July 2015

p186, Newtown.  Orchard House Bed and Breakfast situated on Hadrian's Wall Path in the village of Newtown, Cumbria, newly opened.  Evening meals available by prior arrangement. Tel: 016977 42637.


June 2015

p184, Walton. The Reading Room Cafe at Walton, Walton, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2DJ.

Tel: 07867868763. Situated just 300m off the path.  From June 1st 2015 open seven days a week, 10.00 till 4.30 (opening hours to be reviewed at end of September). Serves teas, coffees,  cakes, traybakes, cold drinks, snacks, light lunches. Everything is home made.They will refill water bottles for walkers and toilet facilities are available during opening hours. Free internet connection and provides taxi numbers for several local companies.  If a large groups of walkers are planning to come, please contact in advance to give a little warning.


20 May 2015

p185, near Brampton. The Salutation Inn, Irthington, which is not in the book but is just a little off the path after Brampton was closed on Sunday 17 May for food and is closing down. 


17 July 2014

Cumbria County Council Public Transport confirmed that Telford will stop operating the 185 bus service from the end of August but that Arriva will take it over (using the same number) though the frequency will be reduced - probably it will only go to Carlisle once a day.


The updates relate to the 3rd edition

4 November 2013

p107 Heddon-on-the-Wall. Hadrian Way B&B 2 Close Lea, Heddon-on-the-Wall NE15 0D. Tel: 01661 853 175.


26 September 2013

p177 Map 32.  Walton. The Centurion Inn is stil closed.

p77 Newcastle.  No Youth Hostel now but you can get cheap rooms at Premier Inn on the Quay. It's worth checking online well in advance and looking for deals. Two readers report paying £19 each for a monday (breakfast extra).

p196 Map 40. Grinsdale. West View Campsite has closed. It's worth checking for campsites in the Camping and Caravanning Guide of GB as sites seem to close and open.


16 July 2013

p 127  Map 13B The road that crosses just N of Dilston is the A695.

p 128 Corbridge. Halton Red House Farm B&B, Corbridge NE45 5QA. Tel: 01434 672 209

p 193 Map 39  On the W side, where it shows a road coming up to, but not crossing, the river, there's now a busy, brand new road bridge: not sure what road number, as it's still shown as 'Under Construction' on my latest OS map.

p 201 Map 43 Tiny point: the 'House' shown under 'Embankment swings north ...' is to the W of where the embankment swings N.


1 July 2013

p 160. Haltwhistle.  Herding Hill Farm, Shield Hill, Haltwhistle NE49 9NW. Offers Caravan, Camping, Wigwam Site & Cafe Bar. Tel 01434 320175


June 2013

p 189, Map. Carlisle. Marlborough House B&B, 2 Marlborough Gardens, Stanwix, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 9NW. Tel 01228 512174., and

No 1 Guest House, 1 Etterby Street,Stanwix,Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 9JB. Tel 01228 547285.



October 2012

p196  Burgh by Sands  The post office is not in use. The Greyhound Inn is not open from Mondays till Thursdays.


17 September 2012

p178  Walton  Sandysike bunkhouse  The price of accommodation has increased from £10 to £12 per person per night. The friendly welcome and hot dinner however were fab.


August 2012

p167  Gilsland  The shop has closed but there is a mobile PO in the village hall 3 mornings a week, with tea /coffee & biscuits also served.


Between Chesters and Walton. Walkers didn't find any shops between these places. 
Gibbs Hill bunkhouse  Mrs Gibson will sell you ingredients for a cereal & toast breakfast (£6), but not other supplies.
For the middle section of the path the only pubs close to the trail were in Once Brewed, Greenhead & one remaining in Gilsland.

p158  Cawfields Quarry There is a van, at the picnic site opposite, selling hot & cold drinks / soup and home-made cakes. Joanne is there 
10am to 3pm, Wed to Sunday, "unless weather is of biblical proportions"!


21 November 2011

p171 Map 29  At the western end of the map you come out of the field onto the road and the route now goes right and left over a small new bridge rather than left and right.

p193 Map 39  On the western end of the map a large new road is under construction.


November 2011

p40  Taking dogs along the Hadrian's Wall Path  Stiles in Northumberland are ladder stiles with narrow rungs and there are a lot of them so you will need to carry your dog over stiles. Stiles in Cumbria tend to be gates which are easier to negotiate.   

Also taking your dog with you limits where you can stay and where you can eat and often on this walk with your dog with you you will have to eat outside. There are of course exceptions to this and there are B&Bs which take dogs but do enquire before you start the walk.   

p107  Heddon-on-the-Wall, Hadrian's Barn  Edgehill, Hillhead  An excellent B&B - a converted barn with twin beds, living room and kitchen, self-cook and serve breakfast. Tel: 07811 020018. web  

p122  Chollerford/Humshaugh  Walwick Farmhouse B&B  On the road climbing up from Chesters. Magnificent position with views down the Tyne valley, superb food and dog friendly. Tel: 01434 681823.

p154  Saughy Rigg Farm, near Steel Rigg  Has a drying room, is dog friendly and offers transfers in a minibus  – call them and they will come and pick you up.

p188  Carlisle  The County Hotel takes dogs.

p206  Taxis to Carlisle  Bowness–Carlisle Metro Taxis on which gives a timetable. £6 per trip. Well worthwile.


31 August 2011

Lanercost  Abbey Mill B&B was our favourite stop by some distance, leading the rankings on comfort, friendliness, and breakfast.

p184  Crosby Lodge Country House Hotel continues to welcome walkers, and to serve tea and sandwiches all day in an atmosphere reminiscent of an Agatha Christie "Miss Marple" TV adaptation; we kept expecting a retired Colonel to be foully done to death in the smoking room.

Walltown  The Riverside route just East of Walltown still doesn't appear to have opened.


July 2011

English Heritage sites along Hadrian's Wall will only be open weekends during the winter season from 1st November 2011. For up to date information, please check the English Heritage website:


June 2011

p124  Chesters Fort  Dovecote B&B is located just up the hill from Chesters Fort at Lincoln Hill. The owner is Jane Bradley.









Hadrian's Wall Path