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Tour du Mont Blanc

by: Jim Manthorpe


Updated information

Thank you to the readers who sent in the following updates including: Annie Lord, Mila Fedele, Mark Fitzpatrick.

The information has not yet been checked by Trailblazer but it will be for the next edition.

2nd edition

p77, Map 2.  Col de Voza. The text directions note on the map says 'turn right for Col du Tricot variant'. It should say turn left. The direction of travel described in the book for that section is from the right of the page, heading left towards Bionnassay on the left. To use the Tricot varant it is necessary to turn left at the Col de Voza.


1st edition


p107 Hotel Col du Fenetre

Note new phone number and contact details:

Our telephone number is +41.(0)27.783.11.88 

e-mail hotelducoldefenetre@gmail.com
rooms with private bathroom 7
dormitory rooms 2
Total beds 36
Half board price 100,00 swiss francs in room, 70,00 swiss francs in dormitory


9 September 2013

Map 12. Descending from Col de la Seigne,  I believe that the "locked hut" on the right is now La Casermetta at the Col-de La Seigne.  It is a lovely building with a multilingual fellow living there or at least playing gracious host and keeping the  door open for hikers.  It has lots of information on the flora and fauna of the area, including a not-quite-to-scale model of a lammergeier and a relief map of the Val Veni and Val Ferret.
Map 28. From the point where the trail crosses a track (about 1 inch to the right and up a bit from the words MAP 28) to the point in Champex where the trail meets the road (just below the swimming pool), the trail is signed the "Sentier du Champignons."  Along the trail are wood carvings on the stumps of felled trees of various types of mushrooms as well as ibex, marmots, squirrels, baskets, bottles, cups etc.  It makes the trail fun to climb as you look for the carvings which are sometimes hidden in the trees.  And it makes you stop and look up, which is a good way to avoid being creamed by a mountain biker barreling down the slope.
Map 39. At Col du Brevent, there are now 3 trails converging.  To get to Le Brevent, you need to not take the one signed GR 5, which is shown heading off to north on the map and looks invitingly official when standing there at the cairn.  Take the trail with the big yellow dots as trail markers, which is the one on the north flank.  There is a 3rd trail that contours around the south flank and I watched a husband and wife disagree on which trail to take.  The wife and I took the trail with the yellow dots; the husband took the trail on the south flank.  Eventually, the husband came around to our trail but I don't know if he had to bushwhack or if he was actually on a trail.



Page 93 Courmayeur. New shelter on the TMB to Pra Neyron Checrouit to 1890 mt. with 30 places bed divided into dormitories and private rooms with bath GITE D’ETAPE LE RANDONNEUR DU MONT BLANC lieu d'implantation: PRA NEYRON 1900 m-  TMB                                                                                                                                                                           (Route of Val d’Aoste)  
Postal address : VIA VAL SAPIN 5  11013 COURMAYEUR, (AOSTE ) ITALY
Tel : 00 39 349 5368898  /  00 39 338 7166355
Open : from 20 June to 15 September and from 06 December to Easter.            

Tarrif 2010 :
         ♦ Night & shower : 22 €
         ♦ Night with breakfast : 31 €
         ♦ ½ board in a dormitory: 45 € summer – 55 € winter
         ♦ ½ board in a room: 60 € summer – 65 € winter


Page 76, profile 4: @ km 32 the indicated height is 1600m.
In the next profile (5), on page 78 it indicates km 32 @ 1400m.

Tour du Mont Blanc