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Mediterranean Handbook - Ferry routes, islands and ports

Mediterranean Handbook - Ferry routes, islands and ports

by: Jon Gorvett

ISBN 978-1-873756-72-0
1st edition
480 pages
50 maps
31 colour photos
120mm x 180mm, 5" x 7"

Rediscover the magic of sea travel

Against a sweeping background of the mythology and history of the great civilizations based on its shores, the Mediterranean Sea itself is the subject of this new guide. We've treated the area first and foremost as what it is – a sea – and thus have concentrated not on whole countries but on the coastline, islands and ports, the main sights within easy reach of them, the ferry routes between these ports and on the historical background that links them all together.

  • Comprehensive ferry information – Criss-crossing the Med are hundreds of ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, most of which offer pleasant, relatively speedy and inexpensive ways of getting around. We list ferry companies and their services for the entire Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Mediterranean and history – The sea provided the means by which the peoples of the area made contact – to trade, discover or conquer. Many of the modern ferry routes still follow these ancient patterns of communication. History and myth come to life as you follow in the path of Odysseus in the Aegean, visit the world's oldest free-standing buildings in the Tyrrhenian or swim where Antony and Cleopatra bathed in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • All the practical information you need – Planning your trip; getting to the Mediterranean from other parts of Europe, North America and Australasia; costs; when to go; what to take
  • Hostels, campsites, hotels, restaurants
  • Useful words and phrases

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