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Norway's Arctic Highway

Norway's Arctic Highway
Mo I Rana to Kirkenes: The road to the top of Europe

by: John Douglas

ISBN 978-1-873756-73-7
1st edition
320 pages
53 maps
30 colour photos
120mm x 180mm 5" x 7"

The road to the top of Europe
Running 1500km (over 900 miles) from Mo i Rana to Kirkenes, Norway's Arctic Highway is one of the world's great roads. Crossing one of Europe's most remote and starkly beautiful regions that includes Lapland, nearly the entire length of the Highway is within the Arctic Circle; at its most northerly point the road gets to within 19-1/2 degrees of the North Pole.

  • Planning your trip Taking your own vehicle or renting in Norway; when to go; getting to Norway; information for visitors
  • Getting to the Highway 10 detailed approach routes through southern Norway, Sweden or Finland including city guides to Oslo, Larvik, Bergen, Stavanger, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Turku
  • History of the Highway How this road, known to some as the Blodvei (Blood Road), came to be constructed in such a fiercely hostile environment
  • Route guide with maps Km-by-km guide from Mo i Rana to Kirkenes 20 side trips Including the route to North Cape; so far north that the sun never sets here for 2-1/2 months each summer
  • Where to stay, where to eat Campsites, guesthouses, hotels for all budgets
  • The Sami The last reindeer herders
  • Plus 53 maps and 30 colour photos
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