Trailblazer guidebooks provide practical information on specific routes in less accessible parts of the world.
 — Wanderlust

For Trailblazer

Worth watching out for.
- John Cleare

'Fantastically detailed and well-presented.'
- Backpack magazine

Guides that will send you packing.
- Today

Practical guidebooks for the more adventurous traveller.
- The Herald

'These human-scale books, written and published by people who genuinely know and love their subject, are perfect for travel's post-pandemic recovery.'
- The Guardian, March 2021

Wonderful handbooks
- The Bookseller

Trailblazer guidebooks provide practical information on specific routes in less accessible parts of the world.
- Wanderlust

Trailblazer Guides are produced by people who know exactly what information is needed - not just to get from A to B but to be entertaining as well as informative.
- The Great Outdoors

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Trailblazer guides take some beating.
- Adventure Travel

Engagingly written — all the guides from this stable are first class
- Traveller

These Trailblazer guides … are a godsend for independent travelers.
- Travel & Leisure

Jim Manthorpe's excellent Pembrokeshire Coast Path
- New York Times

- Walk magazine

It felt totally alien to be ditching my OS maps after 3 days as they were completely superfluous to requirements given the detail in your guide.
- M Davies

a very enjoyable read.
- Backpack

For Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

The definitive guide to how, where, why and what to do on a cycle expedition...
- Adventure Travel Magazine

An excellent investment
- The Sunday Times

Solid gold, and a joy to read.

This extensive bible covers all you need to know.
- Cycling Active

The author, Stephen Lord, is an example to us all. He used to be a banker but he chucked it in to cycle the world.
- Matt Rudd, The Sunday Times

Essential for anyone planning a mammoth cycle trip.
- Wanderlust

Inspiring...and gives plenty of advice on where to get more specific help.
- VeloVision

Recommended in "First time...Cycle touring" by Rob Penn
- Wanderlust

a real bible for adventure cyclists
- Cycle, CTC

Very useful for cyclists going further afield.
- Cycle magazine

For Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

every biker would do well to read this book even if no trips are planned - because I defy anyone not to have a plan, or the urge to plan, once you reach the back cover.
- London Bikers

'These human-scale books, written and published by people who genuinely know and love their subject, are perfect for travel's post-pandemic recovery.
- The Guardian, March 2021

if you only ever buy one book on adventure riding then make it this one.
- Rust 8

without a doubt the best adventure motorcycling reference book available
- Adventure Rider, Kiwi Steve

It's the bible for bikers with itchy feet.
- Daily Star Sunday, July 2020

This is one of those must have books
- Overland magazine

˜Whether you're just dreaming of an adventure, or you've already started planning, you must read this book ... Chris Scott's a veteran of serious travel.
- Bike Magazine (UK)

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is essential reading for all travelling riders.
- RUST Motorcycle Magazine, July 2020

hugely inspirational and always gives me a little shiver of excitement when I open it
- Overland Magazine

Fortunately, I had Chris Scott's indispensible 'Adventure Motorcycling Handbook' up my sleeve, which clearly outlines the unwritten rules.
- Dan Walsh [in the Sahara], Bike magazine 500th issue (Dec 2014)

... a gritty, honest, hard won review of what actually works and what you really need to ride a motorcycle overland.
- Overland International (USA)

'The first thing we did was buy the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook'
- Ewan McGregor, The Long Way Round

There is simply no other resource with such a broad spectrum of traveling wisdom – mechanical, cultural, and anecdotal.
- Adventure Motorcycle Magazine (USA)

(AMH6) is just about the most comprehensive travel book I have ever read.
- Adventure Rider

There's practical advice everywhere, all gained through Scott's own years of adventure travels.
- Adventure Rider, October 2020 (USA)

"...strips away the bling, farkle, and ego to reveal the true nature of motorcycle travel and the joys that come with exploring the world"
- Overland Journal, Spring 2021

A fountain of knowledge
- Adventure Bike Rider

Essential reading for anyone planning a trip big or small
- Geoff Hill, Daily Mirror, July 2020

not just essential motorcycle adventure research, it's essential motorcycle adventure literature reading.
- The Riders

...a brilliantly informative, yet entertaining read for any motorcyclist with a dash of wanderlust.
- Motorcycle Monthly of those essential volumes that belongs on every biker's bookshelf.
- The Rider's Digest

If you're planning an overland adventure the AMH should be on your checklist right next to 'motorcycle' and 'passport'.
- Trailbike Magazine

˜The book that I can say, without exaggeration, helped to change my life
- Lois Pryce, Overland Journal (USA)

Top 10 of greatest moments in adventure motorcycling
- Adventure Bike Rider

The first edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook ... inspired motorcyclists across the world and launched the motorcycle websites that today bring bikers together to share information and plan their overland adventures.
- The Daily Telegraph

Whether your next adventure will be in Afghanistan or Alabama, these two reference guides (Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, Overlanders' Handbook) are a great place to start.
- Overland Journal, 2018 (USA)

The book the serious travellers refer to
- Ride

... all you need to know about adventuring by bike
- Adventure Bike Rider

Most highly recommended.
- Overland Expo, USA

This book has, pound for pound, more hard facts and information about international motorcycle touring than anything else around
- webBikeWorld

This is THE book for anyone planning to go on a motorcycle adventure.
- Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, September 2020

...vital reading for anyone contemplating an overland adventure.
- Motorcycle Mojo (USA)

For Australia by Rail

The best guide
- Wanderlust

For Azerbaijan with excursions to Georgia

An excellent guidebook with useful maps
- The Guardian

- The Financial Times

Very comprehensive coverage
- Caspian Business News (Azerbaijan)

Mark Elliott could make even an Azeri feel like he doesn't know Azerbaijan
- Baku Sun (Azerbaijan)

Brilliant, a masterpiece
- The Guardian

- The Independent on Sunday

For Cleveland Way

- The Daily Telegraph, May 2019

'A wealth of information'
- Backpack, Summer 2019

- Outdoor Enthusiast, Spring 2019

'A heavy inducement to visit one of the less trodden National Trails.'
- Strider, April 2019

For Coast to Coast Path: St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay

An excellent guide
- Country Walking magazine, Spring 2019

An outstandingly good value and very useful guide.
- Nichola Hele

We were very impressed by your guidebook & I used it not only for the walk but also for booking B&Bs etc.
- Jane Johnson

The numerous detailed walking maps ... make planning your hike all the more easy.
- Trek & Mountain

Just like the Hadrian's Wall guide which we used a couple of years ago, it has been a huge help in both planning and doing the walk and really added to our enjoyment.
- David Bull

The maps are clearer and more easily read than Wainwright's.
- Backpack magazine

The most complete guide: with all the detail you'll need for a walk in Wainwright's footsteps.
- The Sunday Times

It would be impossible to do this route without a copy of the superb Coast to Coast Path by Henry Stedman and Daniel McCrohan (Trailblazer).
- The Observer Magazine, 5 August 2018

- Backpack

You could pick this book up and never use another resource from the first stages of planning to arriving in St. Bees.
- Stuart Greig

an enjoyable hike made easier by your publication
- John Hedrick, President of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club in Virginia, USA

For Cornwall Coast Path (South-West Coast Path Part 2)

Packed with information and excellent hand-drawn maps, these are essential companions.
- Wanderlust

Editor's choice
- Cornwall Today

To read it makes you wish to be there walking the route. Recommended.
- Backpack, Journal of the Backpackers Club

Trailblazer has a strong reputation for the idiosyncratic but very useful maps that illustrate these handy guides, which are small and light enough to slip into a backpack or coat pocket.
- The Telegraph

three excellent guides to the trail
- The independent

For Corsica Trekking GR20

Opinionated, pragmatic...a damn good book
- Justin Murphy (UK)

- The Times

- The Independent

For Cotswold Way: Chipping Campden to Bath

Absolutely invaluable for planning my walk and especially for accommodation and transport links.
- David Hofman

All the information a backpacker needs
- Backpack magazine

Maintains the hallmarks of these popular Trailblazer LDP guides.
- Strider, Journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association

A polished guide to the Cotswold Way National Trail, with detailed maps, GPS waypoints and masses of practical information including a section on 'minimum impact walking'.
- Walk Magazine, The Ramblers' Association

It never steered us wrong.
- T. Fuller

For Dales Way: Ilkley to Bowness-on-Windermere

'Trailblazer really have got it right with their route maps. They rival Wainwright's mapping for accuracy and detail and if anything are actually easier on the eye to read.'
- Backpack magazine

'Hikers will be delighted'
- Evergreen

For Dorset & South Devon Coast Path (South-West Coast Path Part 3)

three excellent guides to the trail
- The independent

lots of value
- The Great Outdoors

Throughout the guide is a detailed description of the route to be taken. This is particularly well written and comprehensive.
- Backpack

For Exmoor & North Devon Coast Path (South-West Coast Path Part 1)

Packed with information and excellent hand-drawn maps, these are essential companions.
- Wanderlust

three excellent guides to the trail
- The independent

crammed with practical information on the route and local amenities, wildlife guides and detailed maps.
- Walk magazine

For Great Glen Way: Fort William to Inverness

A definitive guide to the trail and would recommend it, both for planning your walk but also during it.
- Backpack magazine

The perfect companion
- Adventure Travel

For Hadrian's Wall Path

- Country Walking

A wealth of interesting information
- Strider

extremely useful
- Alan Pitt

This new edition has ... useful profiles showing ascents and descents
- Scotland Outdoors

Your book was our bible
- F Leverentz

For Himalaya by Bike

- London Cyclist Magazine

Inspirational guide
- Cycle Magazine

Truly impressive
- Cycling Active

Rammed full of in-depth information
- Adventure Travel

For The Inca Trail, Cusco & Machu Picchu

This is definitely the best guide to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu...Highly recommended.
- Andean Travel Web

For Japan by Rail

One of my favourite and most used guidebooks
- South China Morning Post

A gem
- The Daily Yomiuri

if you are coming from outside Japan, this is quite possibly the best single book you can bring.

This handy guidebook by Ramsey Zarifeh enables international visitors to make the most out of a visit to the country.
- Railway Gazette

Brilliantly informative guidebook
- JTB Europe (Japan Travel Bureau)

Highly recommended
-, Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni magazine

A must for any travel or train buff's collection… covers everything from Japanese words and phrases to railway timetables. This new edition includes recent extensions to several train lines plus further coverage of popular tourist destinations and less-traveled areas nearby,
- California Bookwatch, USA

If you plan to rely on trains in Japan to get around - which in most cases you should - then Japan by Rail may prove more useful than the standard guidebook.

Invaluable companion
- Railway Magazine

- The Sunday Times

Highly recommended!
- The Man in Seat 61,

'The Bible for train travel in Japan’ …. with …. 'all the essential information to make the most of the very many tourist sites around Japan.'
- Zoom Japan magazine

A find...Well researched.
- The Japan Times (Tokyo)

This magnificent travel book should be a required item in your luggage
- Books Monthly

Highly recommended
- Bullet-In Magazine

For Kilimanjaro - The trekking guide to Africa's highest mountain

A comprehensive and informative guide.
- Wanderlust

a comprehensive guide
- Adventure Travel

Contains almost everything you could possibly want to know about the mountain, its ascent and its surroundings.
- Strider

Recommended guidebook.
- Trek & Mountain

You wouldn't want to be without this book if heading for Kilimanjaro.
- Backpack

so much more than just a route guide.
- Backpack magazine

illustrated with detailed maps
- The Great Outdoors

Stedman is something of a Kili obsessive...and that shows on every page of this fully revised and expanded edition of his guide... Recommended.
- Trek & Mountain

'Kilimanjaro: The Trekking Guide to Africa's Highest Mountain' is a top pick for any who plan on embarking on a trek to the mountain. It covers everything, from city accommodations and restaurants nearby to what to see en route, then how to plan and book a trek to Kilimanjaro. Any outdoor or travel collection needs this.
- California Bookwatch

A model of what a guidebook should be.
- David Dean

For London LOOP

48 detailed maps on a scale of 1:20,000
- Strider magazine, Long Distance Walkers' Association, December 2021

masses of detailed information
- Ramblers South East Walker, December 2021

For Madeira Walks - 37 selected walks

37 good strolls for all abilities
- Wanderlust, September 2019

For Mediterranean Handbook - Ferry routes, islands and ports

Excellent maps and guides to port cities, suggested itineraries and interesting histories of the countries
- Everything Spain

For Moroccan Atlas - the Trekking Guide

...all the information one would expect, and some that you would not expect!
- Backpack

A very useful guide ... obviously put together by someone who knows their subject in great depth.
- Scottish Mountaineer

Very detailed for certain treks in the Toubkal, Mgoun, Sirwa and Sahro regions. Extensive background information.
- Hamish Brown, The High Atlas - treks and climbs in Morocco's biggest and best mountains

A great new trekking guide.
- Travel Africa

This valuable guide offers a fascinating insight into the Atlas and opens up some stunning routes.
- Strider

Deserves to become a classic.
- Dr Michael Peyron, specialist in Berber language, literature and culture, July 2012

- Wanderlust

For Morocco Overland

very useful and inspiring for the serious adventure rider.
- The Rider's Digest

Drive to Marrakech like Keith Richards ...This trip is easily done as Chris Scott explains...
- The Guardian

The godfather of overland and desert exploration, author of Adventure Motorcycling Handbook and other respected adventure manuals, former courier Chris Scott knows more about riding in the desert than any Englishman since T E Lawrence.
- Ride, March 2018

...the excellent Morocco Overland...
- Michael Bentham, winner, Best Readers' Adventures, Bike magazine

features interesting route guides - with maps and GPS coordinates.
- Motorcaravan, Motorhome Monthly, May 2018

If you're thinking of going to Morocco, on your own bike or a fly-hire trip, soak this up first.
- Ride

A comprehensive and inspirational read
- Land Rover Monthly

The brand new bible for off-roading to and across this corner of North Africa
- Wanderlust

Even 5 stars doesn't do it justice.
- Rust, May 2018

this is the book to buy.
- Adventure Bike Rider

A must-have
- Land Rover Owner

Essential reading
- Land Rover World

This is no corporately produced, rehashed holiday guide, it’s a book that’s grown from hundreds of Chris Scott’s journeys and his passion for a part of the world that is like no other.
- Overland Magazine

highly detailed
- Self-Build Motorcaravanners Club

For Nepal Trekking and The Great Himalaya Trail

- Backpack

No 1, Best Books
- Mustang, Nepal feature, Walkopedia online magazine, Spring 2013

everything you need to know when planning a trip
- Adventure Travel

... showcases the newest trekking areas and has extensive planning sections.

A fresh new dimension to eco-trekking in Nepal.
- Nepali Times

...details many routes in Nepal, including the full mountain traverse.
- Wanderlust

... a wealth of information
- Strider

For New Zealand - The Great Walks

- Wanderlust

Trailblazer books pack a great deal between their covers
- Canoeist

A great guide to the star trails.
- Country Walking essential read for anyone planning a walking trip to New Zealand.
- Trek & Mountain

For Norfolk Coast Path & Peddars Way

'Highly recommend this guidebook'
- Backpack, Winter 2018

'The most thorough walking guide I have ever read.'
- Strider, Journal of The Long Distance Walkers Association, December 2018

For North Downs Way: Farnham to Dover

- Country Walking

Your guide was my bible
- George Moberly

For Norway's Arctic Highway

Provides all you need to drive the route, with stacks of advice, lots of maps and detailed info about major towns en route.
- LAM Magazine

For Offa's Dyke Path: Chepstow to Prestatyn & Prestatyn to Chepstow

These guides are excellent.
- Jackie Ager

- Country Walking

All the info you need
- Wanderlust

Fully updated and includes downloadable GPS waypoints.
- Strider

A useful guide.
- The Independent

Keith Carter's Offa's Dyke Path is good, with amusing hand-drawn maps ...

For Overlanders' Handbook

steers... the reader towards the most cost-effective solutions and [...] real advice, country by country
- 4X4 Magazine

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is the first word, the last word, and if there is such a thing, the middle word, on overlanding. Buy it and you won't regret it.
- SA 4X4 magazine

Whether your next adventure will be in Afghanistan or Alabama, these two reference guides (Overlanders' Handbook, Adventure Motorcycling Handbook) are a great place to start.
- Overland Journal, 2018 (USA)

Chris Scott's popular book is ... packed with updated info, tips, trip reports and loads more.
- Land Rover Owner, September 2017

Brilliantly written in an entertaining and informative way.
- Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly

A goldmine of factual, sensible information based on the author's personal, extensive experience.'
- Self-Build Motorcaravanners Club, June 2018

Buy this book ... and turn your overland dream into a reality
- Land Rover World

A great resource.
- Wild Travel

There is nothing else quite like this out there.
- The Bookseller

Absolutely mandatory reading for anyone contemplating overland travel...Already a veteran? Trust me, you'll still learn something...
- Overland Journal

... covers every topic imaginable and will inspire you to pack your vehicle and head off in a new direction.

A must for any budding overlander
- Land Rover Monthly

Essential reading... refreshingly jargon-free
- 4x4 Mart

For Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path

Comprehensive and detailed
- Walk magazine

comprehensive coverage
- Canoeist

everything needed to enjoy the trail
- Strider

Shortlisted East Anglian Book Awards 2011
- Eastern Daily Press-Jarrold

- Backpack

For Pembrokeshire Coast Path

- Walk Magazine

A very enjoyable read
- Backpack

It felt totally alien to be ditching my OS maps after 3 days as they were completely superfluous to requirements given the detail in your guide.
- M. Davies

Jim Manthorpe's excellent Pembrokeshire Coast Path
- New York Times

For Pennine Way: Edale to Kirk Yetholm

The Trailblazer Guide appears to be the preferred choice of most walkers.
- Pennine Way Association, Strider

Recommended guide
- Walk, the magazine of the Ramblers

An excellent book
- Backpack


The maps which are hand written on a scale of 1: 20,000, are top class
- The Pennine Way Association

For Peru's Cordilleras Blanca & Huayhuash - The Hiking & Biking Guide

guide to a region north-west of Lima that's often neglected by Brits in favour of the Inca Trail, but it has some of the world's finest trekking and mountain biking.
- Simon Calder The Independent

Inspirational routes over some of the best cycle touring terrain in the world, and authored by real experts. Highly recommended.
- Stephen Fabes, Round the World Cyclist

detailed route maps and practical information
- The Great Outdoors

Without the detailed insider info from Neil and Harriet, I'd never have had the confidence to set off through the beautiful and remote Andean backroads.
- Amaya Williams, Round the World Cyclist

For Pilgrim Pathways - 1-2 day walks on Britain's ancient sacred ways

interesting and enjoyable weekends
- Strider, The Journal of The Long Distance Walkers Association, April 2021

Andy’s book opens up British Pilgrimage for a new generation of seekers.
- Will Parsons, Discoverer of the Old Way Pilgrimage Route to Canterbury

An excellent book
- Backpack, Spring 2021

Detailed guide to walking 20 ancient routes over one or two days.
- Financial Times, 19 December 2020

For The Ridgeway: Avebury to Ivinghoe Beacon

The best features are the maps
- Andy Plummer, The Friends of the Ridgeway

one of the best available
- The Friends of the Ridgeway

For Sahara Overland

Comprehensive ... also a fine travel guide
- Overlander (Australia)

Desert Bible
- Land Rover International

an immense amount of detail on what to take and vehicles
- Geographical magazine

The essential Sahara guide
- The Sunday Times

For Scottish Highlands Hillwalking guide

Recommended in feature on Wild Scotland
- Wanderlust

Don't leave home without it!
- Scottish Mountaineer

succeeds in providing comprehensive information that will assist visitors to Scotland and novice hillwalkers
- Scottish Mountaineer

... the book to inspire you to put on your boots and head for the hills straightaway.
- The Hosteller, Scottish Youth Hostel Association

I would recommend this issue for any walker who visits the Highlands.
- Backpack magazine

For Siberian BAM Guide: rail, rivers & road

A pioneering guidebook packed with detail
- Railway Gazette

Essential reading ... for anyone planning to experience travel on this newest of Far Eastern railway
- The Railway Magazine

The year's most esoteric travel encyclopaedic companion.
- The Independent

For The Silk Roads

There's no better guide with which to guide yourself.
- TNT Magazine

No-nonsense information-packed guide
- LAM Magazine

Packed with history and practical information.
- Daily Telegraph, September 2018

Recommended in "Last Chance to see... the Chinese Silk Road city of Kashgar"
- The Guardian

For Sinai - The Trekking Guide

all you need to know.
- The Great Outdoors

a great book
- Astene Bulletin, Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East, Summer 2014

Highly Commended, Guidebooks, 2014 Awards
- Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

The thoroughness of the (trail) guides is impressive and the accompanying maps (over 70) are highly detailed.
- Backpack

For South Downs Way

probably the most comprehensive (books) ever compiled about our long distance paths.
- This England, Summer 2018

- Backpack, Journal of the Backpackers Club, Summer 2018

Jim Manthorpe's excellent Trailblazer guide
- The Sunday Times

All the information needed to enjoy walking the 100 mile trail
- Wildlife magazine, Sussex Wildlife Trust

A little gem of a book
- Walk magazine, The Ramblers, Summer 2018

Terrific guide
- Hampshire Chronicle, April 2018

- Country Walking

A very useful book and certainly recommended
- Backpack magazine

For Thames Path: Thames Head to the Thames Barrier

this volume will add much to your enjoyment.
- Backpack

a fascinating guide to what you'll find in any given section of the "path".
- Books Monthly

- Backpack

With this book in your hand or tucked into your backsack you would have immense difficulty in getting lost or not knowing where the nearest restaurant, pub or bus route is.
- River Thames News

Another polished and comprehensive Trailblazer title
- Walk magazine online

An excellent read.
- Backpack, Spring 2020.

practical, clear-eyed and enthusiastic
- Wanderlust

All you need to walk the Thames Path
- Outdoor Enthusiast

- Adventure Travel

I was inspired by Joel's refreshing, and very British, attitude to the weather, the joy of pubs and walking itself, with a path that can be broken down into manageable segments.
- Round & About

Everything you could possibly need to know - and perhaps a little bit more besides;
- Waterways World

For The Cyclist's Anthology

'a fascinating read that would make a lovely gift for any cycling enthusiast'
- CTC, The National Cycling Charity

a collection of entertaining writings
- Scotland Outdoors

If you love bikes and cycling - then this book is a must for you.
- Burnley Express

A compendium of literary snippets about two-wheeled travel, it takes in everything from Twain and Hemingway to Bradley Wiggins.
- Wanderlust

For The Railway Anthology

an excellent bedside companion
- This England

joyous, glorious and timeless
- Wanderlust

- Books Monthly

a perfect gift!
- County Life

endorses the transformative power of railways
- Good Book Guide

all aspects of rail travel - funny, sombre, celebratory and cautionary - find ample reflection in Manley's entertaining volume.
- Good Book Guide

'Evocative, thought-provoking...once you get under steam with this one, it is hard to stop! Highly Recommended
- Heritage Railway

excellent, coat-pocketable collection of writing
- National Railway Museum Review

good gift for a journey
- Oxfordshire Limited Edition

For Tour du Mont Blanc

...the complete guide to one of the exciting areas of the Alps...
- Strider, Journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association

For Trans-Canada Rail Guide

The useful guide to the journey
- Railway Gazette International

An essential companion for the rail tourist to Canada.
- The Railway Magazine

For anyone contemplating all or part of this journey, this is THE guide
- Traveller

- The Daily Telegraph

Interview with Helen Howat, Professional Tour Manager, Great Rail Journeys Question: What single item should a Great Rail Journeys passenger in Canada make sure they pack? Helen's response: Melissa Graham's excellent Trans-Canada Rail Guide (Trailblazer Publications)
- Explore Canada by Rail supplement, The Daily Telegraph

A handy Canadian guidebook
- The Telegraph

For Trans-Siberian Handbook

A great guide
- Wanderlust

First edition shortlisted for the Thomas Cook Travel and Guide Book Awards
- Thomas Cook Travel

The Trans-Siberian Handbook... is a must
- The Sunday Times

Extensively updated
- Railway Gazette International

The handbook was really brilliant (everyone we met on the train had a copy!!) We can't imagine doing the trip without it.
- Helen Clive

Definitive guide
- Conde Nast Traveler

The one I like best is the current edition of the 'Trans-Siberian Handbook' by Bryn Thomas.
- Wanderlust newsletter, June 2017

Well researched...A wealth of information... Is a fascinating read and contains so much more than the usual handbook
- The Herald

a wealth of detailed practical advice about planning a trip
- Railway Gazette International

'These human-scale books, written and published by people who genuinely know and love their subject, are perfect for travel's post-pandemic recovery.
- The Guardian, March 2021

Tells you everything you need to know
- Cosmopolitan

The best guide to the Trans-Siberian is undoubtedly Bryn Thomas's
- To The Edge of the World by Christian Wolmar, Atlantic Books

The best guides are the Trans-Siberian Handbook by Bryn Thomas, with a mile-by-mile companion...
- The Telegraph

An invaluable guidebook
- The Financial Times

The Trans-Siberian Handbook (Trailblazer) is the bible for this journey...
- The Daily Telegraph

The definitive guidebook is Bryn Thomas's 'Trans-Siberian Handbook'
- The Independent

An invaluable travelling companion
- Traveller

For The Trans-Siberian Railway: a traveller's anthology

My year's anthology prize however, goes to Deborah Manley's The Trans Siberian Railway. Maybe you thought you'd done it all with Newby and Theroux, but Sir Henry Norman and the splendours of Irkutsk, Lindon Bates Jnr eating free zakusa, Lesley Blanch's dressmaker facing a Japanese general and the incomparable Baedeker make this a t
- Jonathan Keates, The Observer

For Trekking in Ladakh

A handy, concise pocket sized book
- Climber

An information packed guide
- High

Well worth a tenner of any trekker's money
- Trail

Thoroughly recommended.
- Adventure Travel

Extensive... and well researched
- Climber

A practical trekking guide
- Traveller

For Trekking in the Annapurna Region

A very detailed and informative guide.
- High magazine

- Wanderlust, June/July 2011

A very fine guide.
- Traveller Magazine

First class trekking guide.
- Adventure Travel

For Trekking in the Everest Region

Plenty of route maps
- TNT Magazine

- Wanderlust

The pick of the guides to the area.
- Adventure Travel

Highly recommended.
- Wisconsin Bookwatch, USA, August 2018

Great resource and I took it with me when I did the trek...written by the expert who is passionate and professional
- Cindy Sim, reader

For any hiker wanting to plan a Chomolungma adventure, there is no better resource. Terrific maps.

...a practical and comprehensive guide to trekking in the Everest Region.
- Trek & Mountain

Very fine guide
- Traveller

Excellent guide
- The Bookseller

For Trekking in the Pyrenees

The best trekking guide in the business.
- The Sunday Times

Take this one with you...Very informative
- Country Walking

When I return...I shall definitely be armed with this new guidebook... Fascinating background material...Comprehensive information...Well written
- John Cleare, High Magazine

An excellent trekking guide
- Adventure Travel

For The Walker's Anthology

beautifully composed
- The Great Outdoors

Perfect to pop in your rucksack ... or to read in the comfort of a winter armchair.
- The Good Book Guide

the perfect companion
- The Lady

A good Christmas gift
- Cheshire Life

a gem of a book...the ultimate walking companion.
- Country Walking

one of the four best new titles
- Condé Nast Traveller

The perfect gift
- County Life magazines

A potential stocking filler for any keen walkers.
- Round and About

entertaining compilation
- Walk, Magazine of the Ramblers

This delightful pick'n'mix features more giants of literature than you could shake an aluminium pole at.'
- Scotland Outdoors

a good gift for a walking friend.
- Strider

a Quality Street box of trekking delights
- Wanderlust travel magazine

For The Walker's Haute Route

...a comprehensive guide to the area as well as providing a detailed route description - two for the price of one!
- Strider, Journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association, August 2009

This excellent guidebook reinforces magnificently what we all know – that the best mountain views are not the ones from the summits. It is in the borderland zone, amongst flower-filled alpine meadows, that the greatest pleasure is to be had, enjoy some of the most spectacular glaciated mountain in the world.
- Stephen Venables, mountaineer, writer, broadcaster

Excellent book
- Scottish Mountaineer

Recommended guide
- Trek & Mountain

Really helpful providing practical information and entertaining with all the stories from the area.
- Bernd Rickenberg, Denmark

For West Highland Way: Milngavie to Fort William

This trailblazer guide is all you need to travel the West Highland Way.
- Richard Gatersleben, The Netherlands

If I wrote walking guides, I'd like to think they'd turn out this way.
- John Clarke,

- Country Walking

A super, user-friendly guide.
- Gordon Forrester, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

I am very impressed by the mapping
- Backpack